Friday, July 15, 2011


Im so mentally drained its not even humanly right for one person. Im sure its a mix of being 7 months pregnant, 3 little who dont listen, 2 older kids who dont bother to help unless they are yelled at, the husband gone 6 days a week, me the only one keeping up the house, having to deal with the baby not growing...... the list goes on. I finally just had enough tonight and sent my littles to bed and the big kids down stairs. I usually have a routine that would make a mother scream! Ready for this???? I rock Jolene to sleep EVERY night in my chair.I rock Chase to sleep EVERY night in my chair, Ethan stays up as late as I do, meaning 10 or later for him.I hate the routine we have.I need my alone time, I get NO time to ever breathe EVER. It feels like my world is caving in on me.I get even more stressed when people are being nice and I love all who ask but I dont need help with the kids, I dont need help with the house and I need some body here all the time. I NEED MY KIDS TO LISTEN, I need my husband home and I my family back in one house. Its a stress unless you have been down this road you wont have any idea what this feels like. I'm expecting a baby in weeks and im so ready to pack for Indiana and be there so I have help from my husband. I need him like crazy and its not fair Im on this road. I usually have good days but the amount of stress I have right now makes me speechless. I have to get the littles on some routine that will change this behavior that's making me stress.

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Amy Matthews said...

I am not sure how to be encouraging but I will pray for you. That God will give you a peace & comfort & strength. I will pray for your kiddos, that they will somehow be changed, convicted to give their awesome mom a break! I know how hard my own life can be and I can only imagine yours!

Just know that I am praying for you, if there is anything else I can do let me know.

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