Friday, September 10, 2010

World Changers

Cody Nike Ethan and Chase eating pizza
Hannah thought Jolene wanted to be Batman.She did

Tonight Chase is showing Jolene all about trains. We found out Jolene will not touch the track if you put her in the middle of it, she is afraid the train will get her.

This is our group of World Changers. Amy there in pink is the teacher for the Sign language class. She is awesome

These are the World Changers

We had our World Changers DTS co op today. It was the best thing ever. We got there at 9 this morning and we had a Jewish missionary speaker there and he was so neat. He even brought a rams horn to blow which is what they blow for their New Year which was 2 days ago. I met some amazing women who have the same drive as me and thats to teach our children Christ not Man. They were truly there for there kids not themselves.Yes I need mom time with other moms but I want that mom time talking about my kids not others. After the speaker we met all the families and had lunch together. Then we had a Sing Language class and they did Jesus Loves Me which my children were taught back when they attend Wed night church. So they were really excited and very proud to know that. Sign language is a beautiful art and I think all people should learn it and use it.After that we watch these Dramas that the children will perform. Its no words but the one I show brought me to tears. It was so moving. I cant wait for them to pick which one the kids will do. We watch 4 and we have 45 kids doing the drama so they might pick 2.Usually after that we would head over to a nursing home were we are going to each adopt a family and go see them every other week with our co op. Im excited for that. I felt so good about today when I got home. The kids were beaming and I was beaming.God closed one chapter in my life and opened the most beautiful one I have been in yet. Amazing.

As for this weekend Hannah is over at her friends and Cody has a buddy over for awhile. The littles have been trains and playing like crazy. I have been blogging and laundry. Tomorrow Ill go get Hannah and her friend and we will do a bible study here on Sunday. Im hoping this weekend I can get my lesson plans down and ready for the new month and start thinking about packing. As I have been packing but I really hate it so Ill think about it and then I might actually do it :) Maybe. As far as MFW we are still in week 14 only because they love France and well we have about 20 books on it and they want to finish each book. So I hope we will.

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Teaching Four Waitleys said...

World Changers sounds amazing!! So glad it is going so well.

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