Sunday, September 12, 2010

MFW week15

The boys had a cat in the boxand she wanted to see so bad
Ethan made the pivk one and Hannah made the orange

Hannah making crafts for me

She looks just like Ethan. I love those ears!!

The husband :) Its from April

This week in MFW we are finishing up France and doing a review of week 3 and 4 for our co op. the are making the Eiffel Tower out of popsticks and making a really yummy dinner one day this week.Which day ot sure as I plan to stay home every day with them until co op on Friday. Well I take that back we have a little running to do. DANGG never works does it. Anyways as we get deeper and deeper into the animal behaviors in science I'm planning our trip to the that the weather is cooler and the kids can make that long walk with out killing mom half way through its a great time to do so. we really need to be focusing on Cody's reading and writing. So I'm writing scripture out on the board and he is coping them down so many times everyday. I must stick with this because I can not read he handwriting and keep marking things wrong when they aren't. I'm also breaking back out the pathway readers for him and doing the workbooks for him. I need to make sure he is getting what he is reading. we are also working on Ethan's handwriting. He is doing really good on tracing. He can now can recognize alot of letter and we are going to start with tomorrow. He is going to love it. Hannah is loving her new Math. Saxon. She is getting and I love the solutions for the parents. I do like math at all. I'm so luckily my husband knows everything about it so he can teach because half the time I through my hands in the air and say I'm done. Yes I know great attitude MOM but really I just don't get it until the husband comes home and explains every detail to us over and over again! Jolene is doing her school.Yes even Jolene does school. She plays. She now goes everywhere in the house and loves exploring her bedroom and under the table in the kitchen. what she finds a mystery to us. So here's our week for ya. Monday: School,Tuesday:School, Hannah is getting her hair cut and highlights put in, Wed: school, Thursday: school, Aunt Paula is coming over to babysit all the kids so Jeff and me can go to our 2nd training class,Friday:MFW Co op and SHESHH theres a secret r this day for someone in our house!! hehehehehe.

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