Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby wearing,cloth diapering and homeschooling

HOmemade monkey bread
NIce arrowheads

The lovely Jolene and Mom

sleeping soundly

Yes I do all of that.As I sit here and type this I have Jolene strapped to my back sound asleep.The Moby has been my best friend for months. When Jolene was a newborn I would snuggle her in and lift my shirt so she could nurse at will and have a skin to skin with mom all day.It worked because I have 4 other children to tend to. 2 of which are toddlers and still need me 24/7 when it comes to anything. With homeschooling my hands are free to use the board or hold a book while reading and pointing things out and she is content.I also cloth diaper my babies. I have started cloth diapering when I had Ethan almost 4 years ago. With him it was new to me and he was a heavy wetter and we went back and forth on it. When Chase came 13 months later I had the hang of it and was really addicted to it.Then Little Jolene came along and now I have days were Id like to throw every diaper out my window and scream.Well not really.Just on days when she leaks on me and totally soaks me :( But that just means that they are ready for a meeting with Dawn in the washer.I have used every diaper out there it seems except the Flip system. Not so sure ho I feel about them.But my favs right now are BummGenuis and thirsties covers with prefolds.I use a wool cover at night that works wonders.I do give myself a break about twice a year with huggies naturals. I buy a box and that works for about a week for Jolene and I'm good.Then I realize why I cloth.I do not cloth diaper because I don't want the earth to pail up with diapers( although thats nice too) I don't do it to save money( although that's why hubby lets me do it) I do it because I don't want the plastic or chemicals next to my baby. All my kids have very sensitive skin and they get rashes like you would believe. everybody has different reasons for cloth and I'm sure we all can butt heads about it but I love it and also have my days were I don't. I also love seeing Jolene in a cute pink diaper crawling around my floor.Way to cute!!! Anyways tomorrow we have a home visit with our caseworker for foster parenting. We also have a realtor coming to get pic of the house 2 hours later. My mom has been here getting the house house ready for the realtor. Hubby says maybe 4to 6 more weeks before the new house is ready :( They are drywalling this week and then next week taping and mudding it. Then on to painting.Which we thought we could do with some friends but Im thinking we need to hire someone to do it fast.I have great ideas for every room in the house!! Not a good thing either. The next few days are really busy and lots of fun!!

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