Sunday, September 19, 2010

12 the lucky #

Cody after skating for while
For Hannahs b-day she wanted streaks of color in her hair, So I took her to a salon and it took 3 hours to do her hair! They had to bleach out the color we had put in months ago and then wash and dry. Then they had to put her real color back in with the black and blue she was wanting. then she got it cut really cute. Its looks AWESOME.

Hannah and sis Caitlin at skaterz for her birthday

Jolene wearing a Dora wig!!!

Happy birthday Hannah.12 years ago today I had barely turned 16 and was in the hospital in labor. After hours of labor I gave birth to the sweetest thing.Hannah is kind,thoughtful,loud,crazy,extremely smart and always ready to talk. I'm so proud of her. She has blossomed into this amazing young lady and I get complements every time we go out on her.She is the one I lean on, she is the one always there to play a game, she is always the one who jumps up when a little needs something. She is always the one who leaves her room like a tornado ran through. She is always the one who has on mix matched socks( she gets that from me).Hannah I love you and thank you for being my daughter.

For her birthday we have been busy so we through in some fun time. Friday I dropped all 5 children off at my Moms so I could go out to the the new house and paint. And I mean I painted like crazy. I love the colors and cant wait to put pictures up and decorate.Her friend Kinzey came over for a sleep over and then Sat Caitlin made her way over here.Those 3 girls are the best est of friends. I also brought the kids over to the new house leaving the 3 girls at home. I had to finish up my painting and my Mom was bringing back Cody we slept over there for the night. Having the 3 littles there while painting, well you just don't get much done. So I did what I could only leaving one all left for Jeff to do. Then we headed home and I took the kids skating. It was alot of fun and really exhausting for me. The 3 littles are crazy!! They were everywhere! Cody fell a few good times but nothing bad. the girls all had a blast. We came home and I was pooped! Today I have been cleaning and sorting clothes. Thursday when Aunt Paula came to babysit so Jeff and me could go to our second training class, she brought out 8 bags of clothes and shoes for Jolene. Yes 8. I mean huge black trash bags FULL of clothes from Easter dresses to Halloween costumes. So much stuff and so many days to sort it all. Lets just say I hope we foster a little girl so we can use some of these clothes!Our training classes are going good. They are really long! like 3 hours long. You hear some heartbreaking stuff that people do to these wonderful children and you just cry for them.How any one can do these things is beyond me. I don't understand it but we are going to give these children were they never have to worry about that again. Its so horrible what you hear. In January we are taking our 12 hour class to become adoption ready. Meaning if a child came into our home and they were up for adoption and they fit with us we could adopt. That also means we can start looking for a child that is in the USA needing a home.You would not believe how close Jeff and me have got since deciding to do this. God is wonderful.

Tomorrow I will be waking my olders up at 6:30 am to start our routine. I have been letting Hannah sleep until after 9 and we just don't get anything done. Not that we will get alot done with the moving and all but I'm hoping to at least do math and reading. I'm good if we get that done. We do bible every morning regardless if we are busy or not.That always gets done. I have been boxing everything up and I only left out the books we are using now for school. Which is only 2 boxes. SO I'm doing good.I know I had more to write but I have a list going in my mind right now I cant think what to write?????

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Amy Matthews said...

I just love Hannah's hair! Been missing you at church. I am so glad that the classes and such are bring you and Jeff closer, that's great to hear. Hope to see you again soon.

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