Sunday, June 13, 2010


We had a busy day today. We actually made it to church today!! It was so nice to walk in there and people were truly so happy to us. That made me feel really good. You have no idea how unloved I feel. Really. Walking in there and smiles come on their faces and hugs everywhere, really made my whole day. Im the black sheep of my family and that hurts alot. They wont say it to ya but I am. Its always been that why and I thinks thats a huge player in my desire for a larger than norm family. I Love my kids and they are all so different and neat. Not one is to be left out or made to feel like they are less special than another. We had a birthday party for my nephew who just turned 1 ( cant believe it ) but the whole time I feel like they are all just kinda like I could care less if you were here or not. Its like every time we get together. I feel like im wasting my time there. Its great the kids to get to play with cousins and she everybody but Im then theres the why am I here question. My Mom goggles my sister like she is the best in the world and every thing she has to say is prefect and then theres me who she has an opposite opinion than I do on everything. I know she loves me and I love her but theres a wall there. Its hard to explain and I dont really want to. Im just venting tonight because the hubby is in bed. I feel like I have no one really to talk to like my best friend.
On another note.... The cane is coming out tomorrow to put up the tresses on the house. So Im planning on taking the kids over there to see that happen. I have a few errands to run for my hubby and then school it is. I have no plans all week. Well I did have an eye doctor appointment for Hannah but calling tomorrow and changing it so we both can go in next week so I can get a new pair since Chase snapped mine in half! So we shall see if we make it a week of just staying home and going to the new house :) Im hoping. I do want to have a play date with my friend Amanda as the kids have been reallllly wanting to play with them. So I need to call her tomorrow.
Im reading a book called Home- Making by J.R. Miller. It was first published in 1882 and im loving every word of it. Hannah will read it next. Right now she is reading a book called " Before Prince Charming" its awesome!!!1 Its about how dating is almost a death sentence to a marriage. How we in a world were dating, sex before marriage etc. is ok and is what is normal for people now a days. I cant believe I survived my teenage years. Its not ok for that and its not ok for MY children to think its what we do. They have so much drama from my boyfriend did thins and my girlfriend and so on its like watching a soap opera. Its stupid. Ladies I know a lot of you are well informed on this and some who read this and shake your head. Buts you my friend who has the children who are in trouble and have bad relationships with your children and wondering why. Its because they need to be guided in a world gone mad. They need your advice, guidance, your love and most importantly hear the word of God. If you read to them the Word they will see the ways to pure thoughts and happy hearts. They will want to please you and the family. They will walk a cleaner walk. Look at how you are teaching your children. Are they were you think they should be? Are they hearing the word daily? Teach them life skills they will need for their family some day. Its not about the coolest cell phone, the most expensive clothes, the so on and so on. Its about knowing God, knowing how to care for people, knowing how to keep a family. Really!

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Amy Matthews said...

Sorry I missed you at church. Cory was preaching elsewhere. I have been looking for you everytime we come! Maybe next time, I think we will be there this week unless he gets a call.

Its great that she is reading a book like that. I too had a train wreck of a teenage time. I will do my best to help my daughters avoid the crap I went through. It's devestating that the culture demands the girls go through the things that they do during those years.

I feel the same often times when at our family gatherings on my dad's side. Sorry you have to expirience that.

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