Friday, June 18, 2010


My peas
My brother and brother in law laying the roof

Look at that!!!!

My hubby playing Mr.Potatoe head with Chase

Chase doing his school work

We have had a wonderful day today! School was half way done today. Math was our big deal as we are still slow in Codys level. Jeff told me we need to focus on that and get moving it. So we are.I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 today and it was awesome!!! Th Real D 3-D was totally in your face. It was way better than the first. Jolene slept through the whole thing and the little boys never even moved from their chair. Its was a far cry than the last movie we took them too. Hannah really loved which was surprising because she likes the first so much. Then we went and picked up Our Oldest daughter Caitlin and headed to Kohl's for her b-day. He came home and Jeff BBQed for us. Yummy. They have the roof done and are going to put shingles up Monday! Im so stinking excited. The cabinet guy is coming tomorrow so we get to see what we have to work with. Im thing rustic.... exciting !! Tomorrow I also have to babysit for a friend. Which means Cody will be having fun with his buddy!

My peas are coming in and this is the first year I have ever tired to grow from SEEDS and its working!! I have all kinds of different peppers, herbs,tomatoes, strawberries,onions.Its just a little but works right now. Next year will my big garden.

Im oh so tired I must go to bed.

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