Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Coffee time
This here is over at my moms the other day. we are missing Caitlin but those are my kids with my nieces and nephews.

Chase hopped in Jolenes crib

Last night the kids made choc covered goodies

Look the back side of our house has a finished roof!

The shingles are half way on! Its just to hot for them to lay shingles when its over 100 out there. They look great. Jeff is picking up the windows Friday.I can hardly wait.( well I can because there is still totes in the garage from moving here 7 months ago) Its just so sweet to have Jeff out there until dark everyday and calls me asking me if I like this or that. I know he is doing this for our family. He has NEVER complained once in the all years we have been together about ANYTHING. It amazes me how blessed I am for God choosing him for me. I have yet to meet to someone like him. Theres men out there that are wonderful but nothing like my Jeff. I love him so much.He goes above and beyond for all of our children so they have what they need and want. Never says a word when I say " oh the kids need this or that" he just smiles at me and lets me go on.Im so thankful for him.So as the nailed together beams turn into our home many changes are happening here as well. We have talked and we are getting rid of the cable! we are strict as it is and its pointless to pay for something we never really use.The kids do watch a few shows but we can rent them from the library or watch on the computer. Its something we knew we would do.Theres so much crap on there its useless.So thats that. Another thing we are doing is putting Cody back in karate and adding Ethan with him. Cody did it for almost 2 years as did Hannah but she doesnt like it. But Cody is really good at it and the discipline I think is amazing for a child. Ethan loves it just as much and he is ready. Their first class is Thursday. Its 3 times a week including Sat. They are really excited about the whole thing. Ethan will be a Little Dragon. Cody will test after a few weeks to see if he is caught back up to were he was. He was getting ready to test for the next belt when we stopped going. I also have a gave up my face book. It was something that took up alot of my time for nothing. I would check it every hour several times . The first thing in the morning I was on. So I let it go today and using my time for my children or heck even cleaning. It was either give up my face book or blogging and my hubby would flip if I gave up something that updated our family :) I know there was something else I was going o write about but I already forgot..... I need more coffee. Oh yes coffee.. we have been having coffee time ( thanks Raising Arrows) Hannah, Cody and even the littles sit at the table in the morning and drink coffee with me. Cody is usually the first one up of the children so enjoy a hot cup of coffee together and talk about silly stuff. Today he was talking about catching weird things. Then Hannah came and drank some. The littles get a drop of coffee with milk.They think they are so big.Its been really nice to have that time. Makes you stop and enjoy whats in front of you. So here is our past week run down...

Friday..I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and it was the best movie ever! I picked up Caitlin for the weekend and headed over to Kohls for her b-day. As we are checking out there was cops and fire department and lots of people around the car in the front parking lot. This woman left her baby in the van and "lost" her keys so she couldnt open the doors. Well she had time to go shopping and all but forgot her baby!! We were there watching as know body did a dam thing to save that baby. I kept saying break the window break the window. Cody was beyond upset that the baby was going to die. well after like 10 minutes the repair man came and popped the lock. They didnt get that baby out until then. She was fine THANK God! Can you believe that??! All because they wanted to save the cost of breaking the window! The baby was fine after that but it was like 90 outside and sunny. Wouldnt you think if you locked your baby in the car you would do something like I dont know maybe BREAK A WINDOW!! Stupid people. I was so mad. The woman didnt even get a ticket or anything. So I called Franklin county cops on her( they are wonderful, they are the ones who found my nephew Ben and wonderful Shawn) So I gave them a mouthful and they would look in to it for me. If she left her baby in there on a hot day in front of everybody, you know she has done it before and will do it again. My hubby was so mad!!! The cops just sat there looking in the windows like no big deal.. Some times I wonder....

Saturday.. we had our Caitlin over for the night and they were being girls.They had so much fun. Then later in the day I babysat for a friend who has a 7 year old. so Cody and Will played until it was time for him to leave. We headed over yo DQ for Fathers day ice cream and it was so yummy.

Sunday.. We went to church and heard a great sermon. Love our church. It took forever to find a church like this. Its a Family integrated church.My kids sit and do everything with me there. They don't do any nursery or Sunday school while worship is going on. We also believe that the husband is head of the house. Its very hard to a church who still practices that. The world has gone crazy and its time to go back to where it should be. I could go on forever about it but Ill spare you :)

Monday... it was HOT. I did my running for my husband and did the library for the kids. Didnt get much done.

Tuesday.. We had a fellowship over at Amandas and it was much needed time for me with my friends. We all have so much in common that its nice to have that outlet. Again didnt get much done.

Today... Well I did make the guys their lunch and dropped it off this morning for them. I did school with Ethan and bible with all. I plan to go get some totes and sort through every thing like toys! My friend has a 2 tote rule at her house and thats what will do here. Im tired of always having a mess of toys everywhere. The boys have more cars and swords and guns the anyone I know and they lay on my floor!! Well I better get off and get moving here.

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