Monday, April 25, 2011

This and That

Its Monday with a down pour yet again.My kids say April showers bring may flowers but I'm thinking floods! Our backyard is like a river and of course our labs think that its play time.They lay in it, like the puddles, dig big holes and then go in the dog house.They remind me of kids. Although my kids really want to play but I'm sick of the mud in my house so I wont let them.I did let them go out for a few minutes today in the front yard but Jolene got her pretty dress all wet and I brought them in.My husband had a nice 3 day weekend.he worked his butt off here but at least we were under the same roof and in the same bed for 3 nights.He was able to rip the laundry room floor out and get that cleared away so Tony can come in and replace drywall and put new bamboo flooring in. We had a really horrible water leak right after we moved in and had to move all my school room stuff and store it in my kitchen/dinning room and bring my school table in the kitchen right after I just got it all cute and ready for school.Nice I know.BUT after this week it will back to normal and I can have my dinning room back and pantry finally done with shelves.I had to the pantry for 2 book cases and a desk while this "mess" was in the way and im so ready to have a pantry its nuts. we had a wonderful Easter at my Mom and Dads Sunday.Lots of eggs and my mom gave us the rest of the ham and we had it for dinner last night, some this morning and we had it for lunch.It was that good! Chase was really crabby at Easter and was causing some stress for some people but hes 3 and he has been sick and been though alot this past week.I didnt think twice about it.Im so use to littles and their melt downs. Chase has a concussion I would have posted earlier on but life has been busy.He is ok just needs to take it easy.This happened Thursday night after the little boys were playing rescue hero's on the sofa.Chase was on he floor my the sofa and Ethan was flipping around on the sofa and kicked Chase right smack in the eye causing chase to stiffing up and go limp in the legs.His jaw locked up sideways and he totally seized.Scared the living day lights out of Hannah and me.we ran him to the ER and he was not happy ro have to doctors touching him or even looking at him.Chase would let the nurse put the bracelet on him and I finally told the nurse she needed to back off because she is freaking him out. doctors for reason bother me more than anything. They think toddlers should just there and so what they ask.Right! If I was little and had people touching me and asking me things you bet Id freak out and yell.Im an adult and if someone bumps into at the store I get pissed.They wanted to do a cat scan but I kept telling them no that what if when he is older and for some reason needs a cat scan but already had one.It causes cancer the more you have them and even one time a child can cause damage to them.he finally let the nurse& doctor look him over and they sent us home.They wanted to watch him for 4 hours since he wouldn't sit still.But since he wasn't throwing up and his eyes were dilating they gave me a list of things to do to him over the next 48 hours. Jolene and Chase are on the last few days of taking their antibiotics.uhhhggggg its never ending around here. Jolene wants the moby wrap all day and I want to clean and sleep. BUT I love the snuggles and mommy moments I have been having them.I watch Hannah and Cody talk and be with friends and I just think "wow" my babies aren't babies anymore and I have to remember to stop blinking. Its amazing to me that Hannah will be 13 this year.My sweet chubby little nursing until 2 and half baby is almost 13! I have been looking back on the years that have gone by and being so young with having 2 babies.By the time I was 18 I had Hannah and Cody.I was a single mom and honestly had nothing to complain about. My God giving plan was to be a Mom. I had the best the support from my family and took raising my babies like I was I had been doing it for centuries.I remember always praying that one day Id havea husband who had a good job and wanted alot of kids and wanted to homeschool. I remember always wanting to homeschool Hannah when she started kindergarten and my Mom always telling me no I couldn't.I would always get so mad but I lived under her roof and felt I couldn't. I hated taking her to school and she be gone all day away from me.It was hard. Meeting Jeff was such a blessing from the Lord. It was like He was saying to me" Jen, Im answering your prayers." Its been amazing to be married to such a a guy I prayed for so many years.A guy who puts me first and wants nothing more but to make me happy.He is just such a manly man and takes his job to heart.He works so hard for us and doesnt say one thing about.If I need something I go get it or he brings it from Indiana to me on the weekends.he makes sure ever weekend before he leaves that he has everything for me taking care of. You just have no idea how blessed we are here in this house.I have been so busy taking care of babies and kids and the stress of everything around me.I have been going 100mph and havent had to breathe.Life gets likes this sometimes and how you handle it makes a huge difference in the children later in their life. sure there those moments you go to bed and pray about the way you handle something with one of the kidsnad wish you have done different.we have those moments we go to the kids and WE say sorry for yelling like that.Id love to do alot different but I cant. I can pray and make the future easier.I know yelling at one child only brings out the anger and disrespect in one.I know that not praising one child for doing chores makes that child sad.I know that clapping for child who just peed in the potty come out with a his lip down because mommy didnt act happy.I know that if I dont read to one child he just wants to watch tv all day.I know my husband like to hear how amazing I think he is.
And theres school. yes school. we had planned on being done by May but thats not happening.So we have decided to school all year.It will be a lighter load for them but we just afford to not do math and reading.Theres just no way.Im still having a hard time finding something for English.I asked my friends and everybody uses something.I looked at all of them and I loved them but for the kids that are two totally different learning styles nothing looked like it would fit them.Not sure what we will use but trust me Ill find it! I was also looking at My Fathers World K. I know I had said I wasn't going to use a full curriculum for the boys but realized they asked everyday to do school and are really thriving right now.Chase who is just 3 is awesome!! If you have used the MFW K or 1st grade please tell me how your kids did with it and what all was in the year.

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