Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Cody!

My kids at the zoo the other day.

The 3 boys looking at something I dont like.

Cody yesterday with his new gear!

My man Cody showing me his good looking pose.

Happy Birthday Cody!He turned 10 yesterday and we had a busy stressful day.we started our day at Urgent care waiting for a doctor to see Jolene and Chase.As we sat and waited for over an hour we got in and out.Turns out me baby girl has an ear infection,sinus infection and bronchitis.Im not one for antibitics but we need it.Chase has an ear infection and nasty sinus infection which needed some antibiatics too.He is doing better, Jolene is still coughing hard and very tired but she only woke up once last night we slept though the storm so I know it was a much needed rest for her.After that trip I took the kiddos to lunch at Steak N Shake for Cody only to have waitress who was no smarter than a rock.we had a glass of water spill all over Cody and she brings me 2 nakins! yes 2!! So im really mad and she knows it and so does her boss.They gave kid shakes for free and that ws that.His pants were soaked and he doesnt like to a center of attention and that made him mad.After that we headed to target and he picked out a neat DS game,skate board, knee pads,wrist graurds and knee pads and a gun.He was happy.Did I tell you he also got a lawn mower?? that was is topper from his uncle Doug.we will do a birthday party for him on easter day since the family will be together anyways and theres no need to have everyone spend more money on gas than needed. On a sad note the goat my Mom got right after I had Cody died on his birthday :( we cried and remembered the times we had with him.I had just had Cody and was bottle feeding these 2 sweet goats.I loved that.Sorry he died but he was 10 and lived a great life. We also made a homemade cheese cake and we ate every last crumb! it was so good.

Jeff will be home for 3 days this weekend! he has alot to do so we wont be having family time but at least he will be sleeping in the same house!

Im on my porch waiting for these major storms to roll though.we have storm chasers from discovery channel and the weather channel over the St.Louis area and its crazy! I lovemea good storm just not at night! Now my spell check will not work so bare with me on this post you get to see how well of a speller I really am! I have dinner in the oven! I feel like I have done alot today.I put up my new valance in the kitchen and I put up curtains in the living room. They look so cute and I hope the hubby likes them!

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blogmom said...

Cody looks so cute! You are braver then me! We have not done the skateboard thing at my house. Your a good mom though, he's wearing a helmet!

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