Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Jolene looks how I feel...

Well its been over a month since I wrote last, imagine that. We have been on school break and busy as ever. The husband had a nice 3 day weekend with us and we worked him until he finally said going to Indiana and working was easier. We did alot around like finished my big bathroom so now I can use my jet tub and then my shower was also finished.He finished the shelves in the pantry and that was such a blessing to get the food off my counters and out of my cabinets. He started making drain ditches int the yard so as I welcome the new drains I hate the mud I will have yet again once it rains. We got the double set laundry masters up and that helps so much with laundry, but now who wants to fold all the clothes because I dont! We spent one day running around and going to flea market. That was fun but didnt really find any good deals. Today I had an ultrasound and blood work done.Laura is doing great! She is all legs and even more lips.Yes she is blessed with the Jolley lips! She was dancing and going crazy until finally she decided to pass out and relax alittle.The tech was getting upset with her and started to complain that she wouldnt sit still. After the doctors we went over to the Goodwill and of course the people out in the world today were out to tick me off. I cant stand it when people stand in the aisle and dont move over so you can get though and they look at you like they are stupid. Then theres the people who really are stupid and I have to let them know that because they are being stupid around me.Is it hard to move, or say excuse me instead of being ann ass to my kids.really people its better you stay at home and keep to yourself because you bother me! Anyways after that we ran to Steak n shake only to have them mess up our order which would have been fine but not today. I wasnt mean I just sent Hannah in because I knew if I did I would say something I would have to repent for. Once we got home things were better.Woohoo. We were going to drive to Indiana this week but Jeff is beat and needs to rest at night and im not up for the drive right now. Im really looking forward to the next few days at home.I wont be answering my phone, checking my blog,checking my email or facebook.Im beat with all the run and go we do and looking forward to relaxing and planning the school year.we start back up July 4th. Im pretty excited about starting back up.Routine is a must and my husband has told me over and over I need to get the kids on routine and make it stick.He is very let down with my lazy attitude towards school this year.I can see why, its been a horrible school year.Yes we mastered things and learned but we ran so much and worried so much about doing this and that that I taught my kids this bad habit and now its so hard to break.But I have to and I will. Lessons will be marked off everyday by the kids and chores will be done and yes even an alarm clock will be set for my daughter who likes to sleep until lunch. Im going to find a chore that works for all the kids even down to Jolene who learn to pick up after she is done with her toys.When we are doing a routine we are awesome and stuff gets done and the kids are happy but man when we fall off things go down hill fast. Im so ready for the new school year.So many goals and so many things I cant wait to do with the kids.But before we start school the older kids have a nice week long stay with grandma they have been looking forward to for so long.( They are driving me crazy right now). we have trips to six flags to go to, the zoo, rivers,creeks and the fun summer things we must do. oh yes and plan for the baby! I have everything but a few things I need to order. every time I want to order I fall asleep or day Ill do it in the morning.This birth will be a little different.My sister in law Paula will be with me! Im so excited.She is going to tape it for me.Im praying she doesn't pass out in the time comes to see the crowning because thats when Jeff usually turns white and gets a little scared. I have faith she will do wonderful.She cracks me up daily so I know we will have a great time laughing and enjoying the moments until Laura decides to come.I cant wait for the newborn snuggles and nursing,I soooo very much wish Jolene was still nursing.I miss the bonding you get with that and the little looks they give. Hannah nursed until she was 2.5 and I loves it.My others nursed pretty long but nothing like my Hannah, which is why she is so very smart ;) Ok back to the birth plan.... Jeff will be home with the kids until they break my water.Im being induced at 38/39 weeks.I have been induced with all my babies. so anyways Paula will be with me all morning while he is waiting for the call. Ethan is our very needy child so our goal is to make it easy on him while Im away. Im hoping this will be a fast birth and the kids can be in the room once they arrive with daddy and then stay with us until its close to the pushing time. we are thinking Hannah is old enough to stay and watch if she wanted but she is very sensitive and that might scare the living crap out of her. She watched a Baby Story on TLC and does great but I remember when I had Cody and she was 2 and she remembered seeing blood on the floor or blanket and she talked about that forever because it scared her.So we will ask and give her time to pray and think about it. So much to post so little energy............

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