Monday, April 4, 2011

Laura Elizabeth Ownby

We found out Friday we are having another girl! Woohoooooo girls rule the house! In honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder we are naming our baby Laura Elizabeth. Just beautiful!Cant wait to hold and snuggle this baby.I look forward to nursing and rocking and all the wonderful things a new blessing brings to a family.We havent done anything but school work and clean.I had some homeschool friends over for a day of fellowship and that was so nice. The weather was amazing and the kids played hard. Over the weekend Cody had a friends sleep over and we had a birthday party to go and the I babysat my sisters 3 kiddos.Sunday my sweet sexy husband bbq for us and we enjoyed the weather by trying to fly kites.With 60 mph winds we broke alot of kites.We only have 3 weeks of school left before I declare summer break wooooohoooooo!! Im ready to lay out and tan this big white growing belly! It pays to not have neighbors close by people. Theres alot coming up this spring and it makes me tired just thinking about it all, but its all good times..... Here's somethings Im thinking of tonight....Im very excited to be learning about the Feast and Holy Days.As we learned about Hanukkah this past winter and now we will celebrate that just as we do the birth of Jesus on Christmas.Very excited about the Holy days and we have been reading the bible about them and doing research after research and loven every minute of it. Im also thinking about the people who judge others because they do not fit into their idea of what a Christian should look and act like.The bible clearly states WE DO NOT judge.My walk with God is so much more real and honest when I stopped trying to fit in to this label of people.I wore a skirt for 2 years and hide myself from the world and my husband because I thought and looked down upon and gossiped about if I didnt look or make my kids and I act the way they did. I hide myself for so long and made my sweet children suffer along with me.Once I broke out of my shell and God told me he loved me as ME.The big loud mouth tell you how it is really kinda girl.I love Jesus and we teach our children to by theGlory God.We do that.But God made us all different and he Likes that! I dont have to be like you or wear what you wear or act like you.I love our God and teach is commands and we follow.But my children will have black hair or blue hair and they will wear shorts and paint there nails wild colors and my boys will be rowdy and crazy and get muddy and manly.Thats how we roll.but if you like to do that Ill love that about you and cherish that fact.It doesnt make us better people for what we wear.I love my dear friends who only wear long shirts.Why? because thats who they are and they are great people! I like the fact I can talk like sailor and my husband doesn't even blink.Why? Because thats who I am and he loves every drop of me he can get.He knows my love for Jesus as we Jesus is a huge fact in our daily lives.Sure I pray for helping in holding my tongue because God doesnt like that but im human and when the f bomb flies out of my mouth or when I stub my toe on the chair and I have ugly words fly out of mouth its all good.Don't judge because I dont care how Holy you think you are words happen.Im also thinking about these people who are suppose to leading believers on a walk and they are faker than Dollys boobs and so many people dont realize this until they are betrayed these very people.I pray for them and pray hard.Bless them! Thinking that id love to have my garden tilled and ready which im not seeing that getting done.WHY? Because I'm lazy! well not really but lets use that. Id also like to start going through all these totes and getting rid of the clothes we dont fit in and our out of season.The boys all have so many clothes and if you saw my 3 boys play out side you'd know why I keep so many extras for them. But I really dont need to keep 3 totes of clothes the boys dont fit in either.Hannah has I think 2 totes she has out grown and I know everything we saved last year for her will no longer fit.She is almost as tall as me.Jolene has bags and bags of clothes for this spring and summer.Thanks Aunt Paula!!! I'm so ready for her to wear them! carpi's here we come!!!


Eliza Rae said...

That's so awesome you're getting another girl. The numbers in your house are slowly evening out. And that's a beautiful name you have chosen for her. I wish we knew the gender of our baby. Not knowing makes nesting very very difficult. I can't get much ready for the baby. I'm gonna start making diapers. That should help. The house is very clean right now because of it.

blogmom said...

"they are faker than Dollys boobs"

almost fell out of my chair laughing and choked on my coffee!

Congrats to you and that man of yours on your baby girl that's coming!!!

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