Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a fear?

I'm full of fear and feel weak.After 2 weeks of pure weirdness not one person has posted a thing about the birds and fish dying.this week it hit close to home and that threw me off even more.Yes I know most every blog I read you have a deep relationship with Jesus and know with out doubt you are fine and protected.BUT what about people like me? people who are new to the walk with Jesus and have more questions than one person would like to sit through? I believe Jesus died for all and we are born sinners and that I'm saved.But that doesn't mean I don't get scared and need someone to show me here in the bible I find this and that.I'm scared like you wouldn't believe.the Pole shifts and crazy deaths of animals.Does the bible talk about this and if so where.I have done os much research I went into a panic and just could barely breathe.Does someone want to help and explain to me we are fine and God protects His children? Does the bible talk about the earth the changing so much that it wipes out everything again? Massive floods just took out a huge part in Australia,why? earthquakes all over the place.Yes I do know natural disasters happen all the time and with TV and Internet the news is out the second it happens so more is reported than ever before.I need someone to smack me and tell me things are fine and don't lie about it! I need to feel God claim me down and need to feel Him wrap me in His arms and feel protected.Right now I dont have that.why?I'm not sure.I have text ed my girlfriend a few many times asking questions and she is so calm and peaceful about it all.Someone please explain to me the happenings of the world and what the bible says about it!! Please dont tell me it the cycle of life or it happens all the time.I'm not stupid!
On a different note much happier note..... we are moved and relaxing( not really) in the comfort of our new big house. the husband has had no time to enjoy it.He gets less than 24 hours a week here and during that time he is moving boxes and (hem hemmm) spending time with me:) we decided not to over to Indiana this weeek as school is back in full swing and we need to get a routine going here.we have had many issues with E and needed to work on those.Not to mention the huge list of To Do's my sweet husband left for me.As soon as I got done with that list the Lord was showing me just what I needed to see.Snow. Yes lots and lots of snow. Its so pretty to see our land cover in a nice clean blanket of snow. The puppies love it and eat just like the kids! The puppies( Buzz and Batman) were so easy to train out here.They stay in our Field and front yard without much of a problem.they do see the neighbors horses sometimes and would love to run over but I'm on them like white on rice and they come running back down.Its so neat and nice to have land on all sides of us and not worry about people seeing us or hearing us.Truly what we needed.The first week here Cody got up early to get outside and grab his and had to the creek for a little exploring.He'd come back with mud up to his knees and just a smiling away.This is what that child needed.E went afew times and got muddy but after it got really cold it wasn't much fun!Ohh and let me tell you about my dinning room!! I have one now!! Can you see me smiling!!! Oh and I have school room!! Not the room downstairs as we are far from finishing the downstairs BUT my laundry room is reallllllly big so we turned the first half into my school room.I have 3 book shelves and a big table and all the chairs in there and still have room for the littles to play in there.So nice! So a few of my kiddos have to share a room for awhile until the downstairs is done but we are fine and know how blessed we are to have this house!We totally love every second of being here.We had our first few days of school and today was tuff!! But we made it and we are fine.Ready for tomorrow.We are still in week 19 with Kenya in My Fathers World.I thought we needed to reread that and go from there.Cody started up grade 3 pathway readers and boy was he excited to be on a new grade level for that. Hannah started her grade 6 pathway not because she is in that level of reading, shes better at reading than but she started back at pathway 6 because it has workbooks to go with it and I want to be sure they are getting what they are reading.And the stories out of these books are amazing for the kids and the littles love them too.I'm so ready for the homeschool conventions!!!

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