Friday, January 14, 2011

Update :)

First I want to say I have no fear anymore.Why? Because my our Lord is amazing and knows how to wrap light around the ones who need the help.I sure did and found what I need and that was to leave my worry to Him and let Him guide me through this walk.I said in the post before I was a new believer but really I'm not.Its been years since I have started my walk with Jesus.This was just something new and different.So many paths to travel and so many stories in the bible that every time you read it, it means more and more to me and shows me a different meaning.

Ok so another homeschool week down and boy did we get alot done.Not so much for My fathers World but I will! Im having a hard time with finding a handwriting book for Ethan.I have tried just about every one out there and I found that using regular wide rule paper and writing his name for him and then him tracing it is the way we are going right now until I found the one we like. My friend showed me a book she got for 6 dollars that had alot of we need for Ethan and it had like 320 pages. So going to try that this coming week. Waiting for tax return time so we can order our year 2 in My Fathers World and K. I thought Id go ahead and do K with Ethan and Chase because they are so close in age and Chase follows right along with Ethan and the big kids.Looking for an audio program also for Cody.Something that will slow his reading down so he has to stop and sound words out instead of blowing past the word and not getting it.Its hard for him to focus so this program will be a must and needs to be found soon.If you have ideas or know of a company please let me!

Hannah for Christmas got a real camera from my Mom.She wants to be a photographer.So we headed out to the tornado site a few miles from my brothers house to take pictures.Now I dont have any pictures from her yet because I have to get them developed but I tool some so you can see what the mess looks like.This happened New Years Eve.The day I took all my children over to my parents house so Jeff and I could move into the new house.It was a crazy day with really warm weather and then it stormed like made. Tornado's everywhere and right in path.It was truly the craziest thing ever. 2 churches we totally destroyed and houses riped in had huge trees laying on them and trash hung in the tops of trees.It will take along time to rebuild that area.

Well my hubby comes home tomorrow for less than 24 hours again :( Im sure we will head up tp Indiana some time this week just not sure what day.We have a homeschool gathering we want to go to on Monday so we can see friends.Cody cant wait to see Alec and Jack! Its be along time! Much needed.Jeff works out in the freezing cold and still doesn't complain.I love the cold weather and would rather work in freezing cold than nasty hot sweaty crap! Unless there was a pool right next to me to enjoy at any time.( and not pay an arm and a leg to get in it). The house is so plain with no Christmas decorations in it so Im thinking we need Valentines ares and some snow flakes around here.That might be are craft for tomorrow.I better look some crafts up tonight......ok i cant get the pics to upload so ill show you all later sorry!!!

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