Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year ahead

we have been so busy around here I had to catch my own head and reattach it. Crazy I know.From traveling to Indiana every other week with the kids and then moving and schooling and oh yes that thing called life, im ready to hunker down for the winter and enjoy my new house with my family.Im so blessed for all i have and blessed to have a husband who every morning puts layer upon layer on to head to work out in blow freezing weather.This man has never once complained about a thing to me!!! Not once has he said he hates the cold weather or hates having to get up and go to work. This man is beyond my dreams and so much more.He will never know how much I look up to him and adore him. My husband is the greatest in every way.i tear up just thinking about wonderful our God is. when I was a single mother of 2 i always sat around wondering if I would ever be a mom of many or have a husband who at least loved me alittle.I prayed for a man like Jeff and I prayed hard.Its it something when the Lord speaks and shows us he is listening,he knows my heart my desires but the question lays in you.are you listening? You better believe I am!
we a had great Christmas with family and the kids had the first Christmas ever where we stayed home on Christmas day to enjoy each other and play with the goodies they got. we had a huge snow fall here in Missouri and in Indiana.A white Christmas was something my Hannah wanted and that wish was granted! Id post pictures but my computer has a nasty virus on it so until thats fixed im on my daughters notebook.Ill see if she'll let me download pics. I have alot to post and will when the time is right.I have 2 pounds of frozen hamburger in the pan,im trying to make tacos for six 6 kids who i think truly have hollow legs!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Ownby Family!!!!

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