Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Where does the time go? oh yes I forgot I have children and we tend to stay busy! well we are in Indiana this week and heading home tomorrow. I hate leaving the husband but I havea ton to do at the new house its crazy.We got our new 8 man sectional delivered right before we left and I know its calling my name.The house is a wreck with boxes and pictures that need to be hung.we had a nasty water leak in my laundry room that caused major water in the basement and ruined my bamboo floor.we have to replace part of the wall and part of the laundry room floor.Nothing like seeing that problem when we have only been there 3weeks. BUT we got it fixed and now we must move on to clean up. Last week my sweet Chase turned 3 and I cried like a baby! He is still my baby and loves his mommy.Sleeps right next to me every night and loves to have his hand either up my sleeve or up my shirt and on my tummy. Im guessing that comes from when we was little we loved the skin to skin and that just stuck around with him :) Chase is my what Cody calls our professor. he is learning to label the USA and has down 4 states right now. the 4 states that mean the most to us... Missouri where we live, Indiana ,Illinois, and Montana.He loves to say Montana. He is so stinking smart! All my kids are smart! Last night we took the kids out for pizza and we get there and we found they had buy a large pizza for 6.99 and get 2 salad bars free.So we bought 3 pizzas and all the kids got to have some salad.With drinks and all we paid only 30.86 with 6 kids and 2 adults!! You cant beat that and we have a pizza and half left in the fridge for lunch today! Sweet! tonight im making pulled bbq chicken sandwiches from the crock pot and homemade fries. Today I must clean this house for the husband and pack our stuff up for tomorrow. While we were here we headed over to the library which my friends if you are ever over this way please stop by its by far the best one I have ever been too. we are doing a big unit study on US presidents and they had a suitcase yes huge suitcase full of Ab Lincoln stuff. Tin cups, bowls,gloves, books, print outs, pictures, chewing tobacco from that time, money from the 1800's, canteen, fabric you name its in there.So we get it for 2 weeks and then if we need longer she'll give me another 2 weeks if I call.Loven it! Then yesterday we went to our first knitting/crocheting class up there.Its for grades 3 and up but we had some many homeschoolers with littles they thought it would be neat to have all do it.So even Ethan and Chase got a hook and yarn and did what they know make knots ;) The girls loved it. You would not believe how many awesome comments Cody got on his work! He sat down and whipped out his yarn and hook and took off while every one else watched him! they were so excited to see a boy his age know how to do that.Yes it was a proud moment for momma! They meet every other week now with yesterday being the first day.So how neat is that that it works with our routine of coming here! The women who teaches it gave a big hug and made him smile like crazy.he was proud of himself and thats just what he needed after the long week hard school with me.
well I must get in the shower and wake up kids who are still sleeping! Oh yes I also wanted to tell you bloggers we are expecting another baby!!!!!

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blogmom said...

You will have to ask Hannah to give crocheting classes for FAITH! Maybe her and Chey could do them, the other girls would LOVE that! Congrats on your news about the baby = ) Tell Jeff congrats too.

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