Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WooHoo A blizzard!

Jolene and me playing the snow from a few weeks ago

  • I was jolted from my bed at 4:30 this morning with this LOUD sound of my weather band Alert just buzzing like crazy.It was saying instead of the inch of ice with snow we are nowing going to get 12-24 inches of snow! if you know me and know me well you know this excites me like crazy! I have never seen snow that high.As much as I want to live in Alaska I can change my mind if MO can have winters like this every year Ill be good to stay :) My kids have never seen snow over 6 inches and it was just like 2 weeks ago we had that.they were thrilled and so was I.But they were hoping for a snow day off of school but you know im a mean teacher and I just laughed at them! we have been waiting for this since last Friday and we are all ready for. Food and clean clothes extra blankets and formula.Water filled every where just in case the power goes out because we do have alot of ice on everything out here. I took my shower at 5 this morning and did my dishes so if the power does go out at least Im clean and the kitchen is clean, well until the wild ones decide they need to eat.My husband is in Indiana with me stranded here by myself.I feel more sad for him far away and im sure they will close down his job for the week because they work outside up in steel pulling wires.So he will be there and ill be here wishing he was here to enjoy this snow with kids.Over here he is at they are getting mostly ice and that only means it will be longer for him to get home than if it was just snow.We wrecked one time going up there on ice and for the record he is NEVER to drive even for a short trip to the store allowed to drive on it again.Way to scary and never to happen again! Im so glad we are moved in the house to look out and see the white fields of pretty snow.Nothing like as open field and nothing around. well we do have a neighbor in front of us but they have a huge horse farm and thats what we look at is the horse in the morning when she lets them out to eat. Beautiful!! I love the fact my Littles can open the door and pee out off the porch and no one can see.I love the fact we have endless fields and a huge creek that runs along our backyard for the boys to play in with the puppies and friends.Cody loves to wake up and head straight down to the creek until its time to eat.

  • Somethings Im thinking about as I sit here...

  • I love being pregnant again

  • I love my kids smile

  • I love coffee with creamer

  • i love talking to my mom in the morning

  • I love hearing Jolene babble to me like she is telling me a great story

  • I love my new house

  • I love reading the bible before the kids wake up

  • Seeing the snow come down reminds me of Little House

  • I love teaching my children

  • Im blessed!


Teaching Four Waitleys said...

You truly are blessed Jen!! God is an amazing God and I can't even imagine my life without all the blessings he has given us.

blogmom said...

Hahaha! I took my shower early, did my dishes and all my laundry too... just incase! We stocked up last week on the groceries, normal for us not just for storms and we are hunkered down praying we don't lose power. Love your pic with Jolene! I should take one of the chickens peering out the little coop door... not wanting to come out, or the dogs rolling around in the 5" of sleet = )

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