Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lots of pics

This is the side of the house, our pole barn in the back
My hubby showing me where the front door will be

This is the front porch getting ready to be poured. I LOVE how big it will be

The side of the basement

Im standing on the new garage so you can seethe inside of basement.They still have to pour the long walls as you can see. Im so excited framing should start soon. Jeff still has to lay the Geothermal loops down in the field so the pipes can come through.

Its been awhile for updating but we have been way busy. Lets start off with Cody's birthday. We had a huge party at the park for him and he was sooo thrilled when it was over about how many people came to see him.It was so nice to see his face light about it. I was really excited too because my family got to met some of of my homeschool friends for the first time. My sister and Mom called to tell me how nice it was the kids all played so well and not one fight or problem. ( thats why we home school ;0 ) He received some great girts and lots of money, he keeps begging to go to the store to spend it. I cant believe he is 9. It seems like it was yesterday he came flying out with his bright blond hair. He is an amazing child. His attitude has done a 360 in the last couple of weeks. Really stepping up and showing me he can listen and wants to. Really happy with the way things are going. I have been on the run since the beginning of LAST week and today is the first day to be HOME. We got a full school day in and had a blast doing it. I really have to remember that my kids come first and the house work will wait. We are so far behind in school like in Math!!! and reading its been a huge stressful knowing in my mind we should be doing that instead of the park, or running around. SO we are now taking a month yes a month off of running and doing activities until we are caught up. Also the kids are putting off whats important. I mean everything that should be done in the house is never done. We have had a lot of shoving things off and saying we will do it later. Not how I want my kids raised. God has smacked me in the head and now I do see my errors and theres alot of them. So now we have to go back and correct them. We explained to the kids there will be no going to friends houses or them having sleep overs, no parks no Faith group no skating until our month is up and if at the end of the month everybody has the right on track habits thats how it will be.Man I have 2 needy children on my lap... ill write later

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