Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun in the sun

Cody and his egg
Hannah and Cody

Chase working hard

Ethan showing my his area of mess

Sweet Hannah and Cody

So what did I get done today? Well really nothing. We woke up and did our bible, science, a little math and then moved onto dyeing our dozens of Easter eggs. they had so much fun. Chase has hands like a smurf because he refused to use a spoon to scoop the egg. Hannah made some with fuzzy hair and glitter. Cody made ones with names and designs.Ethan made all blue eggs with I think one green. It was really fun. Right after I was done cleaning that mess my husband called me needing me to run to Lowes to get him a Dewalt laser thing so off we went and grab lunch on the way there. We made it through Lowe's with drama from the littles and got what we needed and made it to the property. Jeff was running the excavator and the boys liked watching that. we bought Jeff some lunch and nursed Jolene a while there and then headed over to Karen's Closets and totally wiped them out of every pair of shorts they had for 2T, 5T, 6, and 10 size shorts for the boys. Every pair they had we took. They were only like 1.25 a piece so it was a great deal and I didnt want to have to search other stores in teh weeks ahead for shorts so I saved myself some time. That store doesnt carry modest girl stuff so we dont even bother to look for Hannah there. We went to Vincents Angels last week for Hannah and got her alot of cute dresses and summer skirts. Jolene is need of summer light weight dresses. I found a few today but not enough. After that we went home to play outside until dinner. Guess who made dinner tonight??? My Hannah did. She made cheesy beef/bean burritos with salsa and chips. It was so good. I was so proud of her. She did need help with the draining of the meat she didnt want to knock it all in the sink :) They were really good. In our school planner for MFW since we are learning about North America we are doing a picnic dinner tomorrow of Hamburgers, potato salad, chips, apple pie and lemonade. I read that out loud to them and they about fell over. They cant wait. Another reason why I LOVE MFW. If you havent seen that curriculum you should do so, worth every penny!!!! he missed church last night :( but the little were sleeping from a long day of play and Jeff told me not to wake them. They big kids were bummed but they were tired to. We got the go ahead from the inspector to pour the footings for the house today. So Sat they are going to pour. So excited. We have 2 walls up so its hard for me to really see what the size to going to be. I cant wait for the framing to start. I started pulling all the winter stuff out of closets and into totes today. Made alot of room in Hannahs closet. My coat rake is getting some what cleared off. Yeahhh.

I am thinking...Its really hot in here

I am thankful children. They really laughed hard today, all day thats nice

I am wearing...crap

I am hit the sofa in min

I am reading...the book of Matthew to the children

I am hearing...crickets and more crickets....I love it

I am creating...Godly children

From the learning room...Tomorrow is good Friday do you have your bible ready?

Around the house... to many spiders!!!!!!

Favorite things...the sun bathing me

A few plans... school tomorrow, Sat live animal play for Easter at a church in Londell

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