Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Days

My days are blessed with dirty feet from babies, kids that laugh at anything, mud, horses, ducks, chicks and pure country blood running through my veins. I had a very relaxing weekend of basketball celebrations, horse training, laying in the yard with my littles and having my sisters boys over for a sleep over. It was just what I needed after a week of panic attacks wiped me out. I got all my Passover books in the mail along with my new bible. Terri Maxwell wrote another book and its call Sweet Relationships. That came on Saturday and I was so blessed to start reading it while the kids were training horses and I was in the sun with the littles watching and reading.The spring weather has me just aching for the warm weather to come so I can plant and take the kids to the river. Everyday all the kids talk about going to the river. With the husbands job he gets Friday and Saturday off which works great for us. Although theres times were that will change and it will be off Sunday and Monday.
 Learning is going full steam. Im getting my groove with a routine and once I post this I'm sure all hell will break loose because thats what happens when I brag about our routine. I start my day off at 4:15 with my husband. Once he is out the door I snuggle my baby and nurse. I read the bible and drink my coffee. Lately I have had the window cracked so I can hear the wind chimes on the porch. After I get the kids up and fed, I head down stairs to jog/walk on the treadmill for 30 mins and then I do the bow flex for 20 mins. The kids usually come down with me and play or ride scooters. Right now the down stairs is a mess because we are finishing the rooms. SO we have stuff everywhere so there is just a tiny path for them to ride. After that we head up stairs to school. We school until about 11, then we start lunch. they play until almost 1 so I can stuff and focus on the little girls for awhile. They finish up their school and usually outside to play until dinner or they play inside. Routine is a must for me right now. With my panic attacks I feel better with routine. Alot better.
 Im finding media to be my biggest panic. Death is every where and its a scary thing. I check my facebook only for homeschooling reason now and I know longer red peoples posts. I dont care to see it anymore. I do also check it to read the natural parenting blogs/posts. If we are blessed again with another child im really researching different things. There is friends who post horrible things and I know they do it out of kindness and need prayers for the others families but I honestly cant take the sad news every..single...time...I log on. So if we are friends and then find on facebook that we are no longer friends on there please know its just facebook, we are still friends in the real world ;)

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