Sunday, March 3, 2013

Modesty and Purity

These 2 things are on our families TOP most important list to teach our children. In today's world we are ran off of sex and more sex. Seeing a 12 year old year in skin tight jeans and her lady gadgets hanging out of the shirt makes me sick. For more reasons than one. I don't enjoy going out with my family and seeing young girls dressing like a hooker for the fact I have not  only a husband who sees that but I also have 3 boys, one who is at the age of eyes wondering. Modesty and PURITY is not just for the young girls to learn. We teach our boys the same. They will respect a woman. We are doing a bible study right now on Modesty from Queens Homeschool Supplies and so far I'm so impressed by it. Hannah is this one in golfed in it and it amazes me how fast she can flip through the bible and learn. Hannah has always been my child of modesty. She in no way likes to show off her body and she respects herself. By not showing off her curves she is honoring God. Rubs ALOT of people wrong when we say we like to please the Lord and honor His words. They don't like to be held to someone like that. Thats ok with us, this is our walk and they are MY children. With saying this I know theres afew people reading and saying in their heads " Oh my goodness shes going to the long skirts and what not." Cracks me up. Thats not what I'm saying here. The Lord will call you to do what He wants you to do. For us it doesn't mean wearing long skirts. Yes I love me some long skirts and I feel pretty in them and I kinda feel like Little House in them so I wear them often because of that. My daughters can wear what they please. My oldest daughter is a huge fan of blue jeans, go for it. Modesty isn't about wearing skirts, its about covering the skin that shouldn't be exposed to the public. Even as a kid I hated to have certain skin exposed. I did fall into a time and short time of skin but it didn't last long. Modesty jumps right into purity. How is a young boy to act when he sees a woman on TV or in a magazine almost naked and I mean only thing covered is her nips, eating a hamburger and in bed with it? For us, my husband finds this a horrid thing for  TV to allow, so we choose to not have cable. Public TV is also so bad with playing this crap. I don't want my son at 11 thinking that all woman should be having sex with a hamburger and seeing her body and then thinking well, shoot, other kids are doing this and that I might as well too. I think not. Its our job as parents to teach our kids respect for bodies. Its NOT normal for a 13 year old to be having sex. Its not normal for a 13 year to be in a "relationship" . Its not normal for a 16 year old girl to have sex with every boy she "dates". In our world today, that is normal. We choose to homeschool our kids for many reasons, but this is right up there in the top reasons. we choose to shelter them for the middle school/high school drama that is all around us. Think what you will but my kids deserve better than that, as do yours. Start teaching them respect for bodies. I have so many regrets as a child from the age 12 on up. I was doing things with boys that would frighten the crap out me if I EVER heard even the thought of my kids doing that. I don't regret having my first 2 children at 16 and 18. I was meant to be a mother and knew that from a very very early age. I do regret alot, just not that. Theres reason for all and I got 2 very special children from that. My mind is a cirus and I don't want to write my whole life on my blog as it is personal and only spilled to my husband. When I think of my past I usually have a few days of panic attacks and the feeling of me not being good enough. I didn't have a bad life, not at all, but as an adult things are different and they play a huge role in life. My life with my husband is effected by this. My children have to see me panic and what not and thats hard. We are all human and thats life. I leave it to the Lord. But again this is a reason we teach Modesty and purity to are children. Its pleasing to the Lord and will make their marriage alot easier.I could go on and on but you get the point. Im a complicated woman, not asking for you to understand me, just letting you know of a great bible study you can do with your kids. The Standard of Modesty: A Bible-Based Study for Young Ladies by Sandi Queen and The Standard of Purity - A Bible Based Study for Young Adults by Sandi Queen.
Life has been busy here as always. Jeff started his new job, which in turn has made for some SUPER unsettled kids. Ethan has been crying at night and acting out during the day. Yesterday was a bit better for him. The littles are so LOUD and have been pushing the limits with me and dad. With Jeff working we now have 4 yes 4 littles in our bed at night. A king size bed should make for lots of room, but with littles who sleep with legs on my head and elbows in my butt I find that I really look forward to nursing the baby after midnight in my recliner :) Today we are working on quiet time and listening to people to they they speak. they seem to think yeller over each other is the way to be heard. Im a loud person by nature but my indians are super duper LOUD. Dad will be working night shift come next week so our routine is going to totally change. He is works 4 days then is off 3 days.  think He said he is off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but again that will change once they finally get there stuff together. He is working today but day shift. Its going to be sooo very nice to have him off those days because we plan to do ALOT of family outings and camping/river fun and having him off Sunday thro Tuesday not alot people will be at the river and places.Ethan has his summer planned out and hidden in his dresser. Its really pretty cute.

 Learning has been great, just not this past week as I was GONE every single day of the week either with dentist appts for the kids, hospital visits, doctor appts and lessons outside of the house. I told he kids we are home cranking out the lessons until May then we can slow down some. Our weekends will be filled with 3 doing soccer, Horse riding lessons, Morgan Horse club on Saturdays and family outings. Im glad all that is on the weekends because schooling 5 children is now a FULL TIME job. As before the littles would do "school" as they pleased but I have really eager littles and love doing "school" now. School looks different everyday for us. Some days we do lapbooks, others a full of crafts for all kids. Others its kitchen help and helping dad build the rooms downstairs. The building of the room and bathroom does go alot slower with kids helping but they are learning. The husband has had a few moments of yelling and Im right there to knock that crap off. My dad was a yeller like that and Jeff knows thats the first way to boil my blood when it comes to my kids. I'm a yeller and I kick myself every time I do it. Ahhhhh.  Hannah has showed a HUGE jump in responsibility. I had her take the month off of volunteering at EE until she got caught up in school and showed me she was serious about her education. Well the child has busted her rear and even through the babysitting and chores and LIFE she has managed to get caught up and even better..... STAY THAT WAY. She is doing amazing!! She has gift for sure. She starts back at EE Monday and she cant wait! They have emailed and called and are so excited to have her back!
 Im ready for spring. Yes I said that. We have had snow after snow and Im ready to be outside in the garden. All my seedlings have sprouted in the window and it just makes me want it more! Not to mention I have 3 boys who NEED to burn the energy. BADLY. Well I most go and make the morning meal and insert that coffee I.V. :)

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