Saturday, April 27, 2013

Peace Love and Unschooling

We have had a busy few weeks of things that Id never dream Id ever deal with. I have high anxiety, which put me in the hospital for a few hours. All is better as I can catch myself when I feel the stress approaching. Its never a dull moment with my wild Indians but my stress doesn't come from them. Its the lack of sleep for 6 years and the outside world that is so ate up that it makes me barf. Then after that week we found a lump om my sweet Ethan's chest. Took him to the doctor the next day. They did a chest xray that day to confirm what the doctor thought. Pectus Carinatum. Friday we went in for a heart echo but with it being Friday we wont hear from the specialist until next week, but the tech said he looked. Praise God! He will go back next week and see the specialist and talk about things we need to do and what not. Ill know more once we see him. This is not life threatening issue so I can breathe. A chest brace for a few years for him looks like the way we are heading. Totally can deal with that :) Prayers though that Ethan is calm about all that lays head and that we Praise God for the healing and protection of all of us. He was so brave and amazing for this. I took him and bought him Alvin and Chipmunks Shipwrecked afterwards as he needs a little down us. I have been struggling with so many things lately. Stuff that is personal and stuff that is minor. Listening is one of those things we all need to do better.Im content being a momma of many wild Indians and I have no desire to add more on my part. The Lord does work in His own way but Im not jumping the husband to make another baby ;) Im pretty happy playing, laughing, actively teaching my Indians with out being being strapped to chair to nurse. YES Laurabeth is still strong at 19 months and we don't plan to stop. But theres a difference of nursing a walking running toddler as to nursing a little time :)
The Lord is great in all He does for one who needs me every second. Those times have been such a blessing to me. But Im also so happy for this season of my life. Yes it was hard to deal with at first and I'm pretty sure that was the cause of my big attack. You just learn to listen.My Indians are so amazing. My relationship with my husband is great. Things are going to be ok with out adding a baby every year ;)
 Our "school" has changed for a more relaxed feel. Another one of those "finding your inner self" things. We live life and learn from life. No homeschool looks the same. EVER. We do things are way and don't tell me I need this and that to make it work. Living books are our thing. Painting is our thing. Baking is our thing. NATURE is a huge thing for us. We have been gone a little to much these last few weeks as we finish piano up next week and EE we are taking a break from the WORLD. we will keep up Riding Lessons because my kids like to feel free when riding bareback out in the middle of nowhere.
 Lets see if blogger will upload some pics!

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