Friday, February 15, 2013

Such a brat I am :)

We don't have cable and only have like 3 channels on TV. BY CHOICE. I hate TV more than anyone I know, my husband and kids will tell you this. Although my kids like to watch TV on some nights after a long day, not everyday but sometimes. My older kids and my husband are REALLY into the Heroes series. So we bought the kids the first season and they finished that in a month. So my daughter asked and asked if she could the next season. Daddy searched all targets to find and found it. That target also had the next 2 season for a great price. A nice mom would just hand out the seasons all together and make them happy, right? Well I'm not like that ;) I took season 3 and placed in  a cabinet, took a picture, downloaded the picture and made it my background on my PC. Hannah sees the background and looks in every spot known to man in this house to find it. Its hidden well :) We will see where the DVD pops up next!!!!

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