Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 things or more about me

We are in the middle of our second week of the new school year. This year we are relaxed and I finally know what we like. BOOKS. No text books, just books. To see Cody fly through his day without meltdowns and him smiling because he likes it, is just priceless. I was doing a little freak out when I was researching for Hannah. She will be in 9th grade next year and I was freaking out on how to keep records. Well after speaking with a few women and reading on, I found out that I can breathe again. She is far beyond 8th grade level right now and I feel comfortable with placing her in high school reading. She can take her many subjects now for it. My only other freak out was, how do I log and keep test scores when we don't text or have a curric??? No biggie at all. People all over the United States school like we do and they just happen to have blogs and websites on it for people like me who FREAK! But again I'm not freaking out anymore. If I do my husband would be oh so happy to smack me back to normal.
 The little boys started K with MFW and love it. we had to slow the letters down for them. Going way to fast for them. Thats another reason we love homeschooling, we CHOOSE how fast slow they go. we love MFW so very much. THe letter introduction is a little fast paced but once we get the the Units passed Creation it will be better. the big kids are doing MFW CtG and LOVE IT! I had to add so many books into the book basket to keep them going. Nothing to say we had to tweek just yet on it for them. They have been doing the timeline. we place it along our hallway wall. A good 7 feet of timeline. Today they were reading about Noah and they made a big drawing of the Ark. They turned out really good.
 The Missouri heat has been unbelievable these last few weeks. I do like my warm weather for nature hikes,swimming and early park time but give me a break! I have a baby that is teething and if she is outside to long WAMMM her fever goes crazy and that makes for a crabby and I refuse to have a crabby baby. ( in my world). So we play outside in the morning and the evenings and make schooling happen in between. My husband has been outside for like 11 hours everyday building and working on a new retaining wall and patio area. I cant wait for the patio to be poured. Its huge and the kids can ride their scooter and bikes on it IN THE SHADE. Makes me happy. we have been really blessed by our American Sycamore tree out back. It gives us a massive amount of shade all day so I can put Laurabeths pool over there an she is good. Im a sun lover and I prefer to be in direct sun whenever im outside. Shade is for babies :)No just kidding. The hubs and me sit out under our beloved tree and watch the kids play. Making memories. My willow trees are doing wonderful!!! I water them every night and they just dance around me. Im going to plant a few of them once we gt the playground in place. I want the four corners of the playground to have a weeping willow. They remind of a book. Very beautiful they are.
 So I see all the bloggers are posting "10 things you may not know what me", so Ill do the same.

1.) I love Jesus like crazy and pray all day long. We do not attend church. We do our bible studies at home. we fellow the Holy Days and some find that weird and not Christian like.HAHA Ok people whatever.

2.) I love tattoos and rock n roll.Id have a sleeve of tats if I had the time to get it done. I can listen to Poison and GunsNroses all day. I also love my JOY FM. I love listening to Adrian Rodgers in the morning. I have a mouth like a sailor BUT will not be a sailor in front of kids. At least your kids.

3.) I love long skirts! No a religious thing, just makes me feel pretty.

4.) Everyone in this house is addicted to Little House on the Prairie. e even named our last baby Laura Elizabeth. Wish we could have lived back then but with electric.

5.) When getting ready to take a shower I always look in the mirror and giggle my belly. Why not?

6.) I have found that alot of homeschoolers are really rather snobby. They are the first to judge and the first to preach the walk they aren't walking. Keep it real people.

7.) I love soda. Its so bad for me and I know it. I hate that! I have no self control over it. I so love a nice cold coke and lots of ice. I know I know. I go to the chiro all the time and she a dietitian and I KNOW I'm a big girl and don't need you to tell me the wrongs about it.

8.) I love me husband ALOT! Why we don't have 100 kids is beyond us. He is hot and makes me feel like a teenager. Cant help it. I make him laugh like he is a little kid and I LOVE hearing him laugh! He is a handful almost everyday but im pretty much a pit viper so it equals out.

9.) I have a daughter that amazes at her abilities. I had her right after I turned 16. She is BY FAR the best girl I have ever met.

10.) I wish I had met Jeff right after I had Cody so our kids wouldn't have been 5 years apart. I wish I had 10 kids.

11.) If I could id live in the middle of nowhere, living off my land, with horse and buggy. Id love to start my own town from back in the day. Before the stupids entered the world. But again with electric.

12.) If you stop by my house you are more than likely to see kids naked or in their underwear. They are always in dirt.

 My husband showing the kids how NOT to eat a goldfish.
 Little boys working on their creation pages.
 Ethan working on his patterns
 Laurabeth just got her ears done :)
 Laurabeth and me.
 This is Cody. this child works like must MEN dream about. He works next to his dad and doesn't even complain. Then he helps our friend every evening with her horses. Love this little guy!
 Chase taking Laurabeth for ride.
 Hannah though she was a little child and could climb the playground. She did.Below is my dad showing Hannah how to use his gun. Start young and they will respect the GUN.
13.) I have a child with Asperger's and he is the light of our house. He love Jesus and loves telling the stories of the bible to us.

14.) I nurse my babies until they stop. Could be 6 months could be 4 years. Get over it.

15.) We cloth diaper.

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