Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer days

 Cody said I take to many pictures so he wasnt going to smile for it! But he was having fun.
 Jeff helping Ethan last night shoot his pull pop.
 THe 3 boys doing their pull pops. It is way to dry for real fireworks for us. Our nieghbors had there HUGE fireworks show last night. It was awesome but we were praying it didnt catch the trees on fire.
 Hannah being cool shooting hers ;)
 I cant tell if this is Ethan or Chase swimming???? Im thinking Chase because his hair is a little lighter than Ethans....
 we have been picking blackberries every morning and getting a gallon at a time. Now they are all gone or dried up.
 Laurabeth eating and being so cute. See her teeth? Oh my she is cute!!!
 My husband, yep he is hot, just looking at him causes babies!
 Jolene the night I said " Jolene you need bath." So as Im changing the baby Jolene climbs into the sink turns the water one and plug it up and sits right down. She thought it was great to be like the baby. Below is Laurabeth at her 9 month photoshoot. Wait until you see all the pictures.
Its hot people! But thats alright. Its a dry heat so we don't get soaked as soon we go out like years before. we have been swimming, playing, hanging with family and friends.My garden was I guess made for wildlife because they have eaten everything in it so I gave it up until next year.Dang animals! All my hard work and tears and sweat for you! Nice fat deer running around here somewhere. we sure do like deer meat and we plan to get the fat thing this winter! Lots going on here and we are excited to tell you.....the husband is home!! Wooohooo!! His last day was last Thursday. It has been so nice having him here. Family time has picked up were we left off 2 years ago. Whats funny is Jeff has been living out of his tote boxes since we moved here and he is just NOW getting to use his dressers. The kids and me moved here by ourselves after her finished it and was gone so stinking much with work never got a chance to be really here. Ethan has been a totally different child. Yes he still melts down and does the normal stuff he does BUT he now sleeps in his room with his brother! daddy is his security blanket so to say and he knows daddy is here and not leaving so he totally feels secure here at last! Ahhhh with Ethan and Chase out of our bed we now actually can sleep next to each other!! We have had one or 2 kids in our bed for the last 5 years!!! We are 150% all for the family bed and parent attachment but with having Jeff gone for so long I was like " time to get outa my bed and let mommy and daddy be!! Routine has been easy so far. We are on a 2-3 week from school. we finished up our school year last week. I needed a break to get ready for the new school year. really looking forward to the CMM this year and no text books. Well math but you homeschoolers know what I mean ;)
 Hannahbanana got contacts earlier this week and she looks so good in them. Nice to see her face again. She loves them. We watched her put them in she was so scared because we were all watching. She looks way older now so I must watch out for those boys!
 We had the best 4th of July yesterday with family and friends and at my sisters house. Loads of swimming and eating and more eating and swimming. So many babies and kids it was like every time I turned my back there would be another 10 kids show up. It was so much fun. The kids did watermelon eating contest ( Cody won I think), sack races, apple bobbing and the 3 legged race. Pure fun! My mom got pictures so I will post them once she gives them to me, I was in the pool with Laurabeth the whole time. She is my brown sugar baby. Darker than anyone I know! Lucky!
 we have our summer projects in full swing right. Although my husband bobcat broke and now we are waiting on a part for that so the retaining wall is waiting.... we are pouring a nice patio out back and a side walk out there also. Then we will make the bed rooms and bath room downstairs. Along with the schoolroom that needs finishing. we have to put up a playground for the mind just went blank on what we plan to do. Hate that ! Oh Jeff did get my clothes line up so my diapers are seeing alot of sun finally. Boy did they need that!
 Laurabeth is 9 months already!! She has 2 bottom teeth and can sit on her own. we in NO WAY put her on the floor for the simple reason of JOLENE.She loves a little to much. Playpen or we play with her on my bed that way if Jolene wants to play and wants to love alittle to much the bed saves her from any really damage. really. Jolene talks more than any 2 year old I have ever met. she is always telling us stories and talking about her Aunt Girlfriend( Amber). Jolene is just to cute for her own good.
 Dad took 4 of the kids to the movies and I have the 2 little girls who are still napping so I must go and do my computer blog reading now.

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