Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ramble on Jen

I have my laundry almost done, meaning I have clothes to fold and put away. I have been cleaning and getting the house ready for Christmas. I get the pure pleasure of having my side of the family over for Christmas. Although a few wont be here because they have better people to see. Im planning yummy food and lots of laughs and smiles from children. Im also bracing myself for a night all boys!! My sisters little boys are coming over fora sleep over on Thursday and my mom is taking Hannah and my sisters daughter Madison and my brothers daughter Bree for girls sleep over. Ill have all the boys and my 2 sweet little girls. I plan to make it a great night of boy stuff. Over the weekend my sister and her 3 kids came over with my mom to do the Jolley baking of Christmas. We baked so many cookies I think I gained 10 pounds. I always love when they come over because we seem to spend the whole time laughing. Whats even better is my Hannah is old enough now to join in on the big girl talk and laugh with us. Hannah and Madison were really the only kids helping as the others were old Indians running around the house and playing. Jolene did help alittle. My husband was home to taste the cookies right out of the oven. I had a goodie box all made for him to take back to Indiana but he forgot it with all the busy bodies around us. Im so excited I get him home for 4 days. For awhile there I didnt cry when he would leave now im back to crying. It gets harder and harder now to watch him leave us every week. I through myself a pity party and then realize I cant do that, I have to many eyes watching. I miss him horribly. He comes home and loves on the kids and we go to bed because its late and then we snuggle. Morning comes to fast and we know the day will go by even faster. He misses having a wife who can hug him everyday and tell him how much I love him. Over the phone just doesnt do that justice. Laurabeth will be 3 months old tomorrow and he has missed so much. Jolene is 2 and he missed those 2 years. He blinked and they grew. I miss my husband.......

We did a day Hanukkah and we did our studies. We colored and read and so on. Our word search was a bit much for Cody but he finally got it. Tomorrow we have our big Hanukkah party with homeschool group and really looking forward to that. Laktes here we come!! Ita amazing to me the miracle of that. Every time we read about it we all say " Look people, it was the Lord who made the oil last eight days. Isnt he amazing!!" I have been doing my bible reading and found some verses that made me stop and realize what I need to work on as a mom and a sister in Christ. Colossians 3:13- " Make allowance for each others faults, and forgive anyone who offends you.Remember the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others." Titus 3:3- Once we,too, were foolish and disobedient.We were misled and became slaves of to many lusts and pleasures.Our lives were full of evil and envy, and we hated each other.

Well I must get to bed. I made my list for the "to do" over the next few days. I need to find a special toy for my ohhh I mean the kids guinea pig. I love this animal like crazy!! I love our dog but the guinea is my kinda animal. I guess ill buy the dog a special treat too :p

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Putting on the "Mom Pants"

Ita pillow, its a pet, its a pillow pet ;)

My good looking cowboy Chase

Hannah doing what she does best.....coffee and reading

Well not really but you get the idea. Im redoing our way of learning around here for some of my kiddos, which means mom pants and nerdy glasses are coming out! Hannah will do whatever and continue doing what she is doing. But my boys will be doing unit studies along with keeping Abeka math and MFW books in the mix. Ill do my big post when I have the time after the holidays but Im just letting my friends know who do Abeka subjects my boys will no longer be doing them. we have had a busy week with bball, homeschool co op,library crafts,piano, Youth meeting at a beautiful church and shopping. This next week will be the same busy mood. Sunday I have family coming for cookie baking and down right fun. Although some of my family will not be here because they are better than us dont you know! Im a little bitter yes!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update from the Ownby crew

My prayers: Im thinking deeply about Jubilee Shalom Duggar. I have her parents in my heart and comfort knowing they will one day be together again. So many people go through the loss of a child and it just seems so unfair. My heart just breaks for them.I also pray my husband stays warm working many many stories up on a tower when its so cold.

My thought: We have spent the day crafting and crafting.This morning my girlfriend came over to give me my maryKay goodies/samples. She then took Cody and her son Nick bowling for Nicks 12th birthday today. Cody came home and started crafting with us.

In the learning room: We are focusing on Christ and alot of reading. We do math and then one child has full subjects ( but honestly we are lazy about that). I know for a fact if we dont buckle down and get serious with after our break we will be sorry. I added all our hours up and we are so far behind in them. It wont be a problem to make them up because we school year round but I was hoping to space out time and thats not going to happen. Im going to have to do boot camp on myself here. A routine and schedule is a must.

Out my window: Its rainy and kinda warm.Its been raining for what seems like days. I wish it was snow.

Plans for the week: We had our Faith homeschool group yesterday and I cant tell you how much it was needed. I missed all my friends and the kids were in huge amounts. We had wonderful fellowship, ornament decorating, and awesome food. The talks I had were just what I needed. Not to mention when we got home my kids fell right the sofa and were done for the day. Tomorrow we have piano and then we are going to Santas Magical Kingdom. Friday im finishing my Christmas shopping (thought I was done then turns out I was wrong). Sunday my mom and my sister 3 kids are coming over for cookie baking and popcorn balls. Christmas is in the air!

My baby: is 2 and half months and smiling like crazy. Shes wearing a size 6 months and 3 diaper.Yep shes an Ownby for sure! She sleeps though the nights, 5 days out a 7 which never happens to any of my children. I wake up with my jugs ready to explode. I cherish all the nursing she does though the day. she looks at me and smiles and even holds my finger.So love my baby. Jolene is saying more and more words. She said her first sentence last week " I want one." It was so cute.

My little and big children: Are ready for it to stop raining so we can go outside and play. They got a new guinea pig and she is the other baby in the house. we love her so much. Acts just like a cat! Cody is doing awesome in bball. Im so proud of him. Hannah is playing away on the piano and amazing us all. Ethan and Chase are plugging away with playing and learning. Ethan is really tiring to read and im thinking it wont be long before it clicks for him. Chase is right there with him. Some areas he is ahead.

I must get off now Laurabeth is awake.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More pics

Ok you will have to view my post right before this to see other posts as I can only upload a few on one post!!!!

Pictures of my beautiful children

Yes I know this pic was posted twice but blogger wont let me edit my photos so bare with me please.......

I thought I would share a few pics ofthe many many we had done at our photoshoot. I love every single picture so much that when I had them printed I ended up getting 88 pictures devoloped! Ya they are that stinkin cute. So if you get a Christmas card and its full of pictures of my kids, its because I couldn't decide which one was better :) Ok im really suppose to be making our planner for this week but I live with this thing called ADD and tonight its taking over :) I have had this for a long time but when im stressed and over whelmed it kicks my butt and I get nothing done. I have a list a mile long and started every single chore just never finished tonight. Grrr..... anyways heres the pics and I hope you enjoy. Im thinking of switching from blogger over to wordpress. No one can comment, I can only download like 4 or 5 pics and I cant change my header. Driving me crazy. Ok ill post another set right after this so keep looking

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