Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The early weeks

My husband and Jolene in the old house before Christmas
Chase made a really neat necklace for school Monday or maybe it was yeserday??he was so proud

Ethan made one was a great project for them

we are snowed in again! we have under the new snow about 3 inches of rock solid ice that makes going outside a death wish.I love snow more then anyone I know but we have had snow it seem every other day all winter long.I still do love it but I ( we ) could use some nice weather for the kids to go play in.I have 5 kiddos who need the sun and fresh air so badly.yes they do out go and go sledding everyday but it would be great to sit in the sun and soak it up for hours on end.I got my first seed catalog in the mail and thought yeaaaa I cant wait.Then I looked out side to the huge amount of ice and thought "it will be awhile." The kids put some grass seed in little bitty pots on my kitchen window sill and we have grass growing!! We have a caterpillar friend in a bug house so we pot one of the grass pots in there for it and with in seconds we climbed in it and started eating the grass.we also have a ladybug in there who also made the grass his new home. Im really looking forward to have a flower garden and a huge veggie garden this year. I have been doing alot reading on it so Im hoping that will help.I will be huge and pregnant durning the summer so thankfully I have 2 older very hard working kids that will help and then 3 littles who im sure will want to help.We have snakes so bad out here Im a little worried about that.Come spring im getting a bunch of chickens to eat ticks and baby snakes.Growing up we always had chickens and not many snakes.Im looking forward also to getting a couple goats for milking.First my mom is going to put in a fence for out dogs and then we can work on the goat pen.I think once I hit 5 months I wont be going to Indiana as much because if we break down along the way im a sitting duck for weirdos. Just not worth it and I cant bare to think about that.So we are getting as much Indiana daddy time now as we can.Jeff also told me that come spring the will be working 7 days a week so this will be a huge challenge for us.

We have got alot of school done and today im just tired that as im writing this in my recliner with Chase refusing to get up.I have a million and one things to do but I have to keep reminding myself that Im still in the early weeks and this shall pass.I feel guilty for not getting up and cleaning and cooking etc.

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