Thursday, August 19, 2010

So far so good

Chase wasnt ready to get up so he fell back to alseep on my chair
Mom, can you see me?

Hannah and Kenzey waiting for their turn to bowl( See Hannahs new glasses. Doesnt she look oh so beautiful! )

The kids enjoing a few marshmellows

Chase bowling with Cody helping

Alright this week has been slow and easy so far. we have managed to stay home Monday, Tuesday we ran up town to get milk and then nothing after that. Yesterday I did have to go the store, library, new house and the back to he new house. So yesterday was busy but not bad. we had planned on going to Wednesday night church but the husband wanting food so we had to run over to the house and give it to him which doesn't seem like its that hard but it is if you are planning on doing something. They have about 98% of the siding on and it looks so very pretty! Its getting close to drywall and then the fun begins with painting and floors! Cant wait! I'm going the old fashion country though out the house.My husband and I have been in 2 houses now and we have never decorated one of them so this is really exciting for me. This is our home, the one my husband has been using is hands and love to build for our growing family. The way we want it. God is so good. We have been doing school this and we are in France for MFW these next couple of weeks. Our library had over 15 books for us on France yesterday for our book basket and I think Hannah was over joyed :)We are wanting for our MFW co-op to start soon. We have planned a trip to the zoo next with them so the kids can meet and get to know each other before we start doing classes over other Friday. The moms I have met before but some are new so I'm looking forward to that. Our Faith group for homeschool is starting back up on the 2nd and the kids cant wait. In Oct. my friend is due for her baby boy and I'm so excited for his arrival. Lets see......I'm trying to remember what all we did over the weekend... Friday the kids had a friend sleep over, Saturday we played at the new house and it wash hot, Have I told you I hate hot weather???! Sunday we got up early and went bowling hoping to be out of there by 10:30 am to make it to church by 10:45 which in only like 4 miles up the road from the bowling place. Well it took us from 9:30 to 12:15 to finish 2 games! So needless to say we missed AGAIN! The littles had their time bowling ever and did really well. Ethan wasn't so sure at first But Chase with the help of big brother Cody had the best time throwing the bowling down and jumping for pure joy it made it. Once Ethan saw them having a blast he joined in and was dancing after every throw he did. As the for the girls well they beat me by like 100 points! I wasn't so good. They wouldn't let me have bumpers which was so unfair. It was alot of fun.Tuesday we had a little friend come over to play with the boys. Right he is the one and only boy in his house until his baby brother arrives. He has 3 sisters so he was needing some man time with my 3 boys :) They had so much fun. Cant wait to do it again. Alright I see the time flying by and need a shower and start school with the littles :)

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