Saturday, August 14, 2010


Im tired and it shows
The poop holder going in( My hubby is the guy with his shirt off) what a stud

Hannah and Ethan

The kids playing while the septic was going in. It was really hot

My 3 boys playing play duh for over an hour today

Im exhausted.Why? All I do is run and run and run. My 2 year old today AND now my 3 year old are the whiniest I have EVER seen them. Every stinking day we go somewhere. I don't mind leaving once or twice a week but we places All day along for people and running errands and the library over and over for Hannah and so on and so on. I'm beat and so are they. I'm older kids think they have to run and do things everyday and I'm SICK of hearing where are we going,can we do this and we get this. Money doesn't grow on trees and happiness doesn't come from doing things all the time. Every time we get in the car I hear" can we stop here and get this or I'm hungry" even if I had just feed them.I'm tired and exhausted and ready to move and go was just the kicker for me with Chase whining and whining all day. Its hard for the littles to be in and out of the hot air all day and running everywhere. Phewww it gets hot loading everybody.Everybody is going to have to learn to come see me now because I'm done going everywhere. My house is always open for people.

Outside my window...its hot and dark out

I am thinking...I need a pillow and my husband

I am thankful for...Friends who are going through the same thing.We call and we vent and go ' oh I know what you mean" I am so thankful for friends who have many littles and have days like mine. I wouldn't change on minute buts its nice to vent.

from the learning room... we managed one day of school this week.

I am wearing....really,really

I am creating...Godly children

I am throw clothes in the dryer for church tomorrow then throw diaper's in the wash

I am reading...Matthew

I am hoping...that husband is happy

Around he sleeping,Ethan watching Franny's Feet,Chase watching Ethan, Hannah, Cody and their friend Kinzey are watching Little House downstairs.

One of my fav things are....nights my husband gives me a smile of contentment

A few plans for the week ahead... Sunday we are bowling early in the morning, then church, then a birthday party. Wed dentist for 4 kids, Thursday water park. I'm sure in that will squeeze a million other things.

we had the septic dug and dropped in today!!! Yea.. now on to the well!!

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