Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day one down!

My new baby :)

the littles while we did school today.Yes, that's Jolene wanting to stand!

Hannah looking over her penmanship book and thinking "What?"

Cody doing is money math

Our first day back it.School that is. It was a SUCCESS!! Routine was much needed for the 4 younger one and me. Hannah is a free walker so to speak and can handle anything.Us on the other hand need routine and need a hand written schedule. We did wonderful. This time Jolene was able to be on the floor crawling and playing with the littles as the older kids and me did our work. It went smoothly. I know everyday wont be like this but its nice to have on our first day back.After years of doing this, this is my first year that I really feel good and know what to expect.Which is a good thing because every year we add another blessing = my hands aren't free for the board.But so far the Lord isn't showing signs of more babies this month ;)I'm waiting!! I took Hannah to the eye doc yesterday and she is as blind as me poor child. She does get some awesome glasses that now ill to go and get a pair for me.She might not like looking like Mom but that's how I do things:) Update on Our house on the prairie ;) they put in my big TUB!! Now if they can get the well in NOW in going to be gone for awhile! I cant wait to use it. My whole first day I plan on spending my day in that! Sorry kids Moms busy.Oh I can see it now...... Oh back to reality. They have half the siding up and it looks so pretty. The husband says I cant say "its pretty" or he will ripe it down so I said it looks like crap :) then he smiled! MEN. But it looks really nice. They put in all the doors and my school room looks huge! yea!!!! So we a dinning room I have wanted since I have never had one of my own.We will have 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,2 kitchens,school room,playroom, a garage for another play area and lots of fields to run in!! I cant wait.Did I say that already.

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Amy Matthews said...

Sounds like a huge house for a huge family! Lots of room to grow, and grow and grow ;)

Maybe you and I and Eliza will all be expecting those blessing at the same time?! Wouldn't that be fun.

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