Sunday, June 3, 2012


Its been awhile huh? Thats all right we have been busy and happy. Doing family things finally again and enjoying the nice weather. The month of May has been amazing. The depression that sat on me for so many months as long been gone and that my friends make my world a whole lot easier. I enjoy all my kids again and husband. I no longer dread the outings or the get togethers. I love schooling again. I love we switched back to My Fathers World and threw the texts books out the window. Well not math. I love the way my kids call it " fun school". I love that Art is now a family favorite. We still have some things to tweak and work on but thats homeschool for ya.
 So the month of May brought us a family reunion on my husband side. It was a time of horse back riding,eating,talking,basketball you name it we did it. It was so nice. It also brought us a time to go fishing and relax and my sister in laws summer home get away. It was there we got the big kids a 2 seater go cart from my nephew. I must all my kids are now wanting to be race car driver. We already had a one seater go cart and Cody used that until the sun went down for a few years so he was really happy to get a bigger nicer one ;) 
 We had a month of gardening, grass cutting, tree planting and lots of swimming already. Now my garden has been half eaten by a wild turkey and some deer! Now I must put a fence up around that. My mom and old kids have been building a big chicken coop for all my flock. Friday the worked on it for 9 HOURS! Boy I tell you they hit their pillows and were OUT! It looks so good so far. Ill post pic once it done. As much as Id like to be handy with them I have been busy as a bee in side with the kids. I have been making dinners for friends, trying out new bread recipes, cleaning and so on. I have been busy! But its a good busy because I enjoy this part of my life. I dreaded this for so many months you have no idea.Depression is such a horrid thing. Unless you have fully been through that, you cant understand the amount of sadness it brings. Its like the whole world has been lifted off my back and I can breathe again. Its amazing. I started working out again and that alone is doing me wonders. I turned back on BOT radio while baking and schooling in the mornings. AMAZING!
 Now on to my sweet children. Our oldest daughter ( my bonus child) turned 16!!! Yes you read that right. That makes my husband old!! Not me though.hehehe. She is also homeschooled and starting 11th grade. Wont be long and she will be college bound! SCARY!! Her mom is I'm sure is flipping! Whats even more wahhhhh is that at her age I was already a mother to my sweet Hannah. Now my Hannah will be 14 in Sept. OK maybe I am old! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
 My husband is STILL working in Indiana. We are about tired of them saying " OK this will be it. The job will be closing down". Whatever. I have heard Jeff say only a few more weeks since October. I cant really complain because its income we bank. We are just ready to be together again as a family. 24/7.

 I'm sure I'm missing a ton to write about but I'm tired and have a sore eye. Laurabeth scratched my eye after a visit with the doc I have a drop to heal it. Its very blurry but getting better. I look like I have had pink eye for a year.Good times!

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