Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well time for an update.....Im still preggers and im still a smidge crabby BUT we have amazing weather thats nice and cool to make the last few weeks better. Id love to be holding our sweet Laura Elisabeth but Gods timing is good for me. I have been back and forth from hospital to Doctor office and im so glad they said I dont have to come back in until Wednesday.Oh yes, her size! Well when started the ultrasounds months ago she was so small and not thriving like they wished for.She was small forever THEN with prayers and prayers she started gaining......and gaining.......and gaining. I went yesterday for my weekly ultrasound and I almost fell right off the table when he said shes over the 9 pound mark! What the heck did you say? By the time for her birthday she could be pushing 11 pounds!! ummmm im pretty sure my husband will flip out and never touch again if I give birth to an 11 pound toddler! Will I walk right ever again if that happens? Are you kidding me! Now thats just a doctor thought.She could totally stay at 9 pounds and not gain another drop of fat.Thats my hope.I know ultrasounds are off by so many oz but come on really? So we wait and Wednesday we do it all over again and decide if the 23rd is good or if we need to move it up or not.As they see it, shes doing great and no need to take to early.Our first goal was to get to 36 weeks, and so glad we didnt have to go down the preemie road.
 School time.....well we have been slow an lazy and kids that are being lazy and more worried about friends and doing things out side the house.That has to stop as of today and we refocus our attention on the important stuff. Id tired of the older ones wanting this and that to go here and there.Really? Get over it! When your 18 or 25 you have all the time in the world to be doing crap.Lets focus on training an loving family. We will be back to field trips as a one, back to respecting one another, no damn cell phones at the school table just to see who text you, no more TV all freaking night. Daddy is taking has taken away the TV from downstairs unless its sat or sun and only for small amounts of time. To much crap is coming back in here and honestly I have taken away the TV during the day unless its down time with the littles and you should see how much they play and learn when its off. Its nice. With the weather turning cooler that means hiking and nature exploring will be with us again and we cant wait, once I squirt the baby of course! We are on week 2 of My fathers World, yes we did this last year but they forgot half of what we learned and they LOVE every second of maps and exploring countries.So as we are still on full swing with Abeka, MFW is amazing to us and we are using as a supplement. For the little we have done We Are Going On  A Bear Hunt and I think that was the favorite for them by far! Today we will Go On A Bear Hunt on our land! FUn times here!!
 I almost forgot to add this!! After taking an 8 month break cloth diapering( the husband thought I was way to busy to do it) I have returned!! I have 32 new Kawaii diapers that I found to be the best for our heavy wetters! Not one leak at night with double inserts.No need for the wool cover as of yet. I have pile of prefolds that are ready for Laura but im thinking ill do more Kawaii diapers instead of prefolds. I do love the prefolds but I hate messing with them.So pockets might just be the number 1 for me! I cant believe I gave away all my Bum diapers and others! I kick myself for that.It was probley around the 500 dollars worth of cloth pockets!! I have been doing this almost 5 years so thats a small amount compared to the cost of pampers I have been buying for 8 months!!With 3 in diapers come on!!

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