Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Week

Chase working on tracing

Sorry for the fuzzy pic but the sun was in the way.

Big man working on his math

They were doing Art.Big kids were working on the color wheel and the littles doing the Fall Trees.

daddy and the 3 littles in bed on the only morning we get to see him :( He comes home for less than day every week, it gets very hard to explain to a 3 and 4 year old why :(

This week has started off good. we have been doing school work and no big melt downs as of yet.We did school on Saturday to make up for a few lessons we missed. Im to fat and preggers t go much of anywhere these days and with it being HOT again I hate even thinking about leaving.Although today we have to go out to the library and then the feed store for dog food. A nice big cold front is coming in this evening and you can bet we will be waiting with open arms! I have a doctors appt tomorrow with ultrasound and I will beg and plead to be induced this Friday not next! This baby is causing more pain than the terrible 2's!!!! Im so ready! the house needs to to be cleaned again but honestly I know once my mom gets here she will clean ;) hehehehe Anywho, we are chucking right along. In preschool we are learning about the seasons and Fall an winter are Ethans favorite. He asked me why God isnt letting it snow right? Well I explained that and then he said when he wakes up in the morning there better be snow! HA love that boy! Chase and Ethan made Fall trees yesterday and alot of school work with out drama. Hannahs found a new passion of water color painting.Not the baby kind the real water colors! Man this girl is awesome! We are going to buy the heavy water color paper and have them framed for Christmas gifts to grandparents. She made a beautiful pic of Lily's all free hand and it looks like it came right of the back yard! amazing! Cody found another snake yesterday and the thing want to happy to see us! we looked and played with it for a little and then released it.Cody also found a cool snake skin that will stay in our science box along with the months and other things we have found this summer. YES we still have a frog in the house but im sure by now its dead and ill find it when Im least ready to see it!!

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