Monday, November 22, 2010

Im done

So this post is pretty much just for me. Im tired of being so fat and uncomfortable and cant move like I sue to.working out used to be Huge in my life.Right before and even the first few months after meeting Jeff I was running on the treadmill every second I could.I would never let a day ago by unless I ran 3 miles.I miss my legs and I miss my back and arms. I use to have arms that had definition in them.I loved feeling like I could all day and not blink an eye.Im tired of looking in the mirror and going "oh my goodness what have I done". It sucks ass bad.Im so over stopping at the dam Mcds and really my family one bite at a time. Im tired of thinking that piece of food wont hurt me. Bull shit. In done. I want to be healthy and happy.I dont like being smaller than 12 but that's just me. I'm FAR from that and HATE it.When I would wear long skirts it hid alot of fat but man trying on blue jeans is just something Id will not do until I lose about 30 pounds.I would like to lose about 75 lbs and maybe more.Im done. I cant do this anymore.Im very much into natural healing and natural everything but why is it so dam hard to stay away from the one thing that is slowly killing alot of us? I have to be stronger than that.I use to be why not now. I really lost myself over the last few years and I feel like finally Ill be able to get me back.Im ready for me.Its very important that the kids get up and start moving as well. They need to workout and shed the weight. why? Because what ever I was eating they were eating and it just needs to stop.theres no point of being here on earth if we are just slowly dieing.


Amanda Sikes said...

I know what you mean, Jen. I gained more weight with Jeremiah than with any of the other kids and I am so determined not to let it stay on!! No matter what it takes it must come off! I'm giving myself six weeks and then its time to get to work!

Teaching Four Waitleys said...

I'm feeling you Jen. I've been working on it now for a few months and have lost about 20 pounds so far. Food has been my drug and I have hid behind it for so long. No more! We'll do it together!!

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