Thursday, November 18, 2010

1 year ago today

This is half my kitchen
Hannah at the bon fire birthday party for nephew Mason

This is our My Fathers World Co op. This class we were doing Brazil

My sweet Cody and Jolene with baby Rhett

Our Birthday girl this morning!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet and giggly daughter Jolene Denise.I cant believe its been a year already. I hate blinking really I do.She is an amazing child. Super laid back and laughs all the time. Loves her huggs and kisses and loves chasing her brothers around the house.Jolene has 8 teeth and started walking about a month ago. She loves her Daddy like crazy and misses him greatly while he is away. we headed up to Indiana over the weekend only to leave Tuesday because I had sick children and needed to be home so they could be comfy.It was so pretty up there and totally easy to drive too.Farm land after farm land and really great people.Love the house Jeff got up there.Its in a really cute and OLD neighborhood. Theres this church that looks like a castle out of a book. Totally beautiful and amazing. I fell in love the first day we were there. We did get to eat a Mennonite restaurant and love it too. The women were in he whole outfit. They didnt have the prayer cap on so that bothered me but all was good.There is also an Amish restaurant but we left before I could go there. Next trip for sure! we will probably go there every other week for a few days. I found a homeschool group in that area im excited to join.they do alot of farm field trips and things that I love to do. Exciting!!! the new house is moving really so because Jeff is away 6 days now. We did hire out the rest of the house but its just one guy and he moves slower than my 93 year old grandma. we only have little left to do but man oh man its taking forever. I have been slowly taking boxes over there but how we manged to squeeze so much in here. Really looking forward to my new kitchen.Can you say Christmas cookies anyone?!

We have had a few MFW co ops since my last post. The kids really look forward to those. we have to miss tomorrows because we are sick but we will be wishing we were there with them.We are in Kenya and really loven it.Lots of books to read and the culture is awesome!!! The kids love looking and watching about the people there.We have watching alot of National Geo dvds on Africa.Love every bit of it! I have noticed we need to spend time on reading with Cody. He needs to pick a book and read it. Thats that! Im sure I could write forever but I want to put up Christmas lights today so we have the Holiday feel in here. I know I know we are moving but honestly with out my husband here its kinda sad. Os lights will work wonders one me!!

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wilkinson4jesus said...

Happy Birthday! We were getting close to this date with the birth of Jerusalem :)
What a pretty Happy looking birthday girl.
The Wilkinson Family

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