Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sweet Jolene
Cody being Cody

Hannah and few of her girlfriends from MFW co op

Cody and his friends from MFW co op and Ethan behind him and Hannah up top

Ethan on the turtle he calls Franklin

My husband headed out a little while ago and I did my shedding of tears and heartbreaking.As I have to wait now until late Friday night to his smiling face.As I was doing my pity party for me and got smacked in the head by God(thanks) and how it must feel for him to leave us.We lined up on the fence and did our waving as be backed out of the driveway waving back. The look on his face was so sad and hard for me to see.Here this man is with a huge family and adores us all like theres no tomorrow and he is leaving so we can have everything we have ever wanted.Here he is driving far far way and sleeping in the bed with no one, working his ass off in the highest point in the job and scared shit less im sure. God smacked me and Im pretty sure will have a bruise ;) from that one. You see this morning he was stressing out like bad! theres a list a mile long to get done at the new house and then at this house we are selling. Theres things that need to be done so he can leave on time today and things like foster parenting classes that need to be done on his part. Thankfully on that he can make his time up on the Saturday 6 hour class and be fine and done. But thats stressful to for him because here I am with our 6 six kids homesachooling and Im holding the fort by myself. Let me tell you, I hate mowing, I hate doing any type of crap that involves something like that. Im a mom, im a cook, im a diaper changer, im a boo boo kisser, Im a yeller, I am NOT a manly woman and I dont in any way want to be. Thats why God gave me a manly 9 year old. He gave Cody the desire to work HARD outside and love it for this very reason. He knew in the plan that one Jeff would be far away from us and things would need to get done. He knew that one day Id need my lawn mowed and one day I might need my garage door fixed or washer worked on. He blessed Cody with the skills to work hard and be proud that he can take care of his family while Dad is gone busting his butt for us. This plan plays out clearer and clearer for me. He is amazing. Truly amazing. So as I shed my tears for the touch of my husband and smell of his shirt and I no longer shed a tear for the why me's. I see it in a new light and im good with that. God also gave me the love of traveling because HE knew I would be traveling to see my husband. And He just happened to plant my husband in the best place in the world just for my sake ;) Amish Land!! thats right people, he is by the Amish. If you know me you know Im smiling and counting down the days until we make our first trip there. I might be the person walking the Amish dirt roads stalking them but ill be so happy doing so. SMILES :) So when changes happen and you feel like crying and asking why, be prepared for the smack of a life time because I think God might actually like hitting people :) hard enough to wake them up! Many blessing to my husband and his friend as they travel to Indiana together for another week of climbing and pulling wires.

Now on to school...Friday we had My Fathers World co op and we did class for awhile the headed to Turtle Park for lunch. After that which was a amazing for the kids we headed over to the Zoo. Another great day of wonderful weather and many laughs and smiles from the kids. They saw just about everything and 4 of them fell alsleep in the truck on the way back. Busy day. This week I has decided that since Jeff was gone we would try to make routine and keep school flowing. So thats what we did. Hannah even had a girlfriend sleep over and she brought her school too so all the kids did their work together :) It was pretty fun. Ethan has been loving school and doing really well. Doesn't like anything but his B and E but we are getting somewhere Im sure. Chase wakes up and says" Mom, lets do school", now he says this with his binkie still in mouth so its super cute! This week we will do the same and keep to routine and work like crazy so when we take a trip we wont have to bring books. All play would be nice. We have be doing Rod and Staff English for years now and im pretty sure we need to move on to thing else. Cody is doing 3 and they are diagramming sentences and Hannah is in 6 and thats all she does. Ok they know what they are doing and really tired of doing over and over. So if anyone has a good English Curriculum let me know Id love to hear about it. I have searched online and found a lot but need to hear from people who use it. I have 2 children who learn very differently so Im sure it will be 2 different curriculum's.

well lets talk Jolene shall we..... she is walking !!!! walking like she had a little to much to drink but she is walking :) She says Dad and mom and baba. She also sings really loud thanks to her sister who thinks she is an opera singer :) She was horribly sick last night and today she has been sleeping. But no throwing up today. We have been truly blessed by this laid back baby :) Daddy took us out to eat last night and she sat in her highchair smiling to everyone. Shes awesome.Daddy bought the 3 boys new John Deere tractors so they have been outside just about all playing with those in the dirt. Jolene did go out play for while and ate some acorns to give mom a heart attack. But I survived as did she. Ethan took her for a ride in his jeep and she clapped the whole time. thank goodness we see a chiropractor because whiplash might be in the future they way Ethan drives around :)
OPPppsss after I posted this Jolene started throwing up. So she was better all day until tonight.....Now Ethan and I have some tummy troubles going on...

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FairyLover said...

I too love all things Amish. I love the simple life they live. Whenever I get to visit there I feel so at peace.


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