Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just got done folding a mountain of laundry.I love the way fresh laundry smells.I'm so ready for double washers and dryers its not even funny. So today we had a way better day than we did yesterday.Way better. Although we didn't get alot done.I ran over Hannahs glasses over the weekend so we went today and had them order a new pair. They were under warranty.We went to the library to grab our Germany books and a few Halloween DVD's for the kids. I have done about 5 loads of laundry and we made homemade pizzas. the kids each rolled their dough out and put what they wanted on them. They had lots of fun and lots of giggles.Last night a really big storm came though and lets make this short~ God works wonders.He had us all up and each had a baby in our arms in a matter of seconds and down stairs.Amazing how fast my older kids jumped out of bed and grab a baby. I was so proud of them.Hannah almost got sucked out of the house the wind pressure was that strong. Scared her to death but we made and all is ok.Sadly our pumpkins that we had so much fun carving didn't make it :( So we must get news ones before the weekend.Ethan and Cody had a really hard day yesterday and I wont post all that happened but Ill say that the day after Jeff leaves it very hard for them.Change is something thats is hard for kids who cant handle the emotions with it. One is ADD and ADHD. One I'm not sure what is going on my if he is out of his element the world will stop and needs to get back on track.Yes I get comments like" oh they have pills for that" or they need help" Well first save it for some one who believes your crap and I'm not pumping my children with something you dont even what is in it!we do jusy fine with prayer and family. After we sat and relaxed we were ok.I also adjusted the school work that would make it flow a little better for Cody.we are only doing English 2x"s a week. Looks like that will work out better for him. He is flying through his math and really getting it. I wasnt going to move him up a grade in math until he got the basics down and he is showing me everyday he is ready. Amazing that :) We are taking out time in MFW and doing alot of book basket reading.Really studying the country we are doing and I'm thinking unit studies will be good for the next few ahead.Next in MFW we travel Kenya.I'm pretty excited about it.Over the weekend Jeff was home and we had a busy crazy day. The floors are being laid this week and I'm very happy for that. we had to hire a friend to finish up the house as Jeff cant do it and it needs to be done like a month ago.Its so close but yet so far from being done.I'm waiting and packing. Every time we go over there I drop a load in the school.My big bath tub with like 10 jets is calling my name.we had the well put in last week and I was able to water my yard.I have grass growing but will need to redo it again in spring. Im sure we did alot over the last week but Im really having a hard time tonight as my mind is going in a million different directions. Oh I almost forgot. we got 2 little puppies for the kids!! they are so stinking cute. I think we got them like a week ago.They named them Buzz lightyear and Batman. They are 2 little black fur balls.They are lab and shepherd mix. we love them so much. One is really laid back and the other is like a wild man.


Teaching Four Waitleys said...

Other than Jeff leaving, it sounds like things are going really well!! I am so proud of you for keeping it all going without having your man around. Love ya girl and keep up the good work!

Rachel said...

You are blessed with good work. And also sharing mountains of laundry with me -- I've got a competing range over here.

Have a blessed day.

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