Friday, January 10, 2014

The heart of a Child

There is many different learning styles.No one is the same only because that would make my job to easy. The one thing all my kids do have in common is that they hate text books. They hate a planned out text book that will take them a whole month to read through the one chapter that the said text book has planned. Why spend a whole month on ONE chapter. It doesn't make sense to us. Every year I go to the Homeschool expo. Every year I find amazing books. Every night when I get back from homeschool expo, I look at the books more and say to myself" Why on earth did I buy this." Last year I did really good and went with what I knew the kids would love. I didn't buy a set curriculum so to say. At least at the expo. I did how ever buy My Fathers World for 1st and CtG. We love My Fathers World because it teaches the kids about the biblical feast which a huge in our house. Ill continue to by MFW for this reason. We do not use it the way the planner is writing. We just read the books and do the awesome worksheets because the kids want to. What I'm trying to get at here is that I don't make my kids use texts books for learning just because that's how the world says to learn. I think not. We learn more by experiencing the world than sitting and sitting and not doing what our minds want to do. My daughter wants to be writer. So she works on English and studies many different author's to understand their writings. Why would I waste her time with geometry when that's not something she will need? My oldest son wants to be a farmer. Well why would I make him waste his time on English Lit if that doesn't help out in the field. He is 12 and can run a farm like a 45 year old man. He is pretty amazing. My job is to give these kids everything they need to succeed to what ever they want to do. My little Indians play in mud until it crusts on their butts and they want to come in. That is their learning. Yes, they do sit at the sat table and work on bible work because that's important to us. We READ ALOT aloud. Man the stuff they learn from us reading to them while they play on the floor is absolutely amazing! Ethan I'm pretty is going to be our preacher. He is pretty neato. All y kids did inherit my sensory issues. I love all gooey goodness. I think that's why I love mud so much. If theres a mud fight outside you can bet I'm in the middle of it. No learning has to be the same. Enjoy the style you kids have and go with it.
 Chases birthday is on the 18th of this month.He will be 6!!! Oh my 6! He has been counting down the day for almost 2 weeks now. He is learning to count backwards from that ;) He is wanting a
teddy bear hamster. Im praying Petco has some otherwise he might be a sad kid. If they don't have one then he said a genie pig will work :) He is wanting a Cardinal bird on his cake also. Im not crafty with cake so Ill be calling that one in.
 Well I must go. I was wanting to look online for some Montessori things for the littles. Wish me luck ;)

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