Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beautiful country living

There is nothing more real and beautiful than waking up to the sun hitting your house and your littles playing at your feet while your sip coffee. Thinking of the mighty beauty God gives for our eyes everyday is breath taking. While I sit here and type this post, I look out my window and see our chickens and ducks walking around. The flowers in full bloom,the sun shining and a little breeze moving my willows like a long country skirt. Moments like these are ones I look forward to everyday. Ones I thank God for. He is mighty and amazing. Thank you Lord for blessing me with this life.
 Yesterday  we finished up with soccer in the morningand we headed out to the garden and worked out tails off. We put in all the posts and up went the fence and gate. We planted and planted until I could do no more for the day. I still have a few things to plant today but that will wait util after I get some inside work done. My older kids are awesome and worked just as hard ans dad and me. Nothing like having farmer kids :) the littles played played and played and not one complained about us not playing right with them. Laurabeth spent a good time on my back and then found use of the water :) the other day I tilled my WHOLE garden with her on my back. I felt like a woman out of the early 1900s working the land. I loved it. Well it wasn't the WHOLE garden my man did the first half and I did the other but I had to go over the whole garden one I was done to make it look nice. It was alot of work. We are all looking forward to a day indoors today. My hubby had to go to work this morning so I'm hoping its an easy day there for him. Grandma JJ is coming out after dinner to grab a few kids for a sleep over.My kids have been counting this down for over 3 weeks. They always look forward to spending time with gma and papa :)
 Laurabeth will be 20 months old in 2 days!! Man time flies. I got to hold my friends newborn while at soccer yesterday. It was just what my heart needed. Snuggles with a sweet little baby!! Oh be still heart! My baby isn't a baby anymore. Soon she will be at the preschool table working right along with Jolene. She already does but you know what I mean. I bought My Fathers World First grade over the week and got it in the mail. Man it looks so awesome for my boys!! Cody will be moving into My Fathers World year 4 come August. we are still doing CtG but at his pace. Hannah is finishing up her stuff and moving right along. Remember we do things alittle different around here so we don't meet up with everybody else's year.

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