Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long time no post ;)

Alrighty. I just got all my kids happy and content so lets see if I can actually post today! We have been busy like everyone else that homeschools or just plain  has a life ;) We were blessed a few weeks ago with a family conference with Steve and Teri Maxwell. Two nights of pure joy. You should look them up if you need help with being a wife, mother, teacher or sister in Christ. Anyways I bought a few of their books and I cant tell you enough good stuff about them! We started doing the chorepacks, were you clip a pack of chores  that are writen on cards to your child's shirt/pants and it tells them what to do for the morning/supper. Those little clips have BEEN huge in our house. I do still have to remind a few times out of the week but that's only because we have been extra busy. A friend was going to let me borrow her book Managers of Their Home but have yet to receive that and I'm dying to get my hands on it. Im in the works of starting a bible study on their book Sweet Journey. Daughters and mothers studing together sounds pretty awesome to me right now.
 Around the house we have been trying to simplify and get rid of stuff that just bothers me. I had a WHOLE trash bag of socks that didn't have a match and needed to go. I have shelves of stuff ready for a new home. Time time time where is the time for these extra chores to do? We are almost ready for our "school break" with the holidays coming up. Yes, we unschool but that by no means means we don't teach our kids. We don't break like some kids do a summer break, we break like we focus our time and activities around the Lord. We serve others, make crafts for elders, we make gifts, we pour our time soaking up the love and happiness this time of year brings. I write this for a few reason. People are so nosey and rude and make stupid comments to me about how celebrating Christmas isn't Christian. I wasn't born yesterday, so for you to make a comment so off the wall to a grown woman who CLEARLY knows her Lord and the teachings of the WORD, is just down right crappy. I have studied the " behind the reason for Christmas" and how it was started. I also study very very hard on the Feast days. My house celebrates ALL the Holy days Feats and  yes Hanukkah. For my family, Christmas is about Jesus rather you like it or not. Im not worshipping a tree or some pagan idea you have. This time of year ALOT of people have Jesus on their mind and they are happy and asking questions and praying more than they usually do. Would that make Jesus happy? I light my house with lights, trees whatever I want. My kids get pure joy from hearing mommy sing in the kitchen and making special cookies and shopping for them. Our faith in the Lord grows more and more everyday and I Do NOT need someone to send me another message telling me I'm not christian for doing so. Passover,Days of Unleavened Bread, Feast of First Fruits, Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacle are things we do in this house along with Christmas. Im pretty sure Jesus is ok with us praising Him during these times.
 I have ever said how much I love carrying my babies on my back? I have always done so but man oh man I love so much! I get so much down and the baby is so happy. Although for my hair I might be bald in the back. Im trying to let my hair grow out but not that Laurabeth hangs from it I'm rethinking that whole " I look awesome with long hair" idea. I have been cloth diapering for over 5 years now and I have a love hate relationship with them. I just sold all my stash and now I'm dieing to buy more. Laurabeth has the most sensitive skin ever! The cloth diapers I could never strip them enough to get the crap out. Pampers are causing rashes and leaking out of them. Jolene is almost potty trained so Ill stick with pampers for her. I have a sample of diaper soap I'm going to try with the new diapers I try and just go with it. I hate the cemicals on the babies from the pampers. So cloth it is. Even though I just said ill prolly keep the diposies on Jolene you know ill cloth her to because its healthier and cuter right? I change my mind on everything so MUCH and fast I'm shocked my husband can keep up, but he does.

 Well I guess I better run. Have a blessed night and God bless you all :)

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