Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goodbye to our pioneer grandma Turner

Its been along 3 weeks for the family. 3 weeks of memories made that will cherished by all. Memories that are also sad that my grandma had to suffer the last few days of her life. Although I have those memories i know my mom took such good care of her I know that once my grandma made a sound of discomfort she was there to make the hurt go away. Rather it was by rubbing her legs or shoulders or giving her the medicine she needed to rest. Pioneer grandma was 95 when she past and she was one heck of a lady. Living in Montana you cant be weak or lazy. Grandma could and DID do it all. From hunting,gardening,canning, horses,kids etc that was her. It was last May when she started having problems breathing they think she might have had a stroke. She was winded all the time and just kinda went down hill from there. My mom got a call from her brother a few weeks ago and said she was doing ruff so my sister and brother cameon a road trip to Montana. Grandma went in the hospital and they said she running out of time. So what does my mom do? Books a plane ride for her and my grandma to Missouri. The doctors said she ad maybe 4 months to live out her life. My mom and family had to clean out grandmas house ( that is another story:) ) rented uHaul and sent my brother and sister back on the road to Missouri. Grandma and my mom came home a few days following them. It didnt take long for grandma to get worse. I'm so thankful the kids and I got to see her right when they got home because grandma was beautiful. Man was she beautiful that day. I walked in the living and there was grandma in the recliner and she just lite up like a fire cracker. Her smile was like no other. She was telling stories about my grandpa buying her high heels to wear and she couldn't wear those out because once she did they would sink in the ground so she just wore them around the house cleaning for grandpa. She was telling us about her mom having lot of kids and how she just smiled when we talked about my whole brew of kids. She was just so happy to be around her grand kids. Then later that week she went down hill. I saw her again on Saturday and she looked totally different. It broke my heart that someone with such strong faith in the Lord has to go though that. She went to Jesus on Tuesday the 17th. Today we had her memorial with a balloon release in her favorite color. After hte balloon release and a few tears we decided a horse ride would be next. Pioneer grandma is sure smiling I'm sure. My mom brought back alot of old pictures and I cant wait to go though them. Im sad she isnt here but I know she was ready to go. She would wake up and say " Im still here?" Silly grandma!! My heart broke for my mom. The sadness in her eyes is almost to much for me to take. Theres nothing I can do to and that makes it hard. Grandma was 95, she lived a full life and a damn good one. I know in time my mom will heal. My sister and I got her some knock out roses to plant for " grandmas garden" with an angel to go next to it. Should be beautiful! It was such a good day for a goodbye. we watched the balloons until we couldnt see them anymore. the wind took them way way up to the heavens and hopefully Grandma and Grandpa popped them as they went by. Ill always be strong in my old ways and always be stubborn, always stay away from book doctors because my grandma raised her daughter the same way. we love you grandma and hope you saw the love blowing in the wind today.


Paula Ownby said...

Simply beautiful!


I'm sorry for your loss.
Your goodbye and tribute is very heart warming.

I enjoyed my stop at your blog and I'm looking forward to reading many more of your posts. I'd like to invite you to be my friend ッ and follow each other. Keep growing and glowing for God! God bless you. ✽KC

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