Sunday, March 11, 2012

One stitch at a time...

The thread that is life started coming undone one stitch at a time when my husband took an out a state job. The first night he left for the first week long stay was a little over 18 months ago. That was stitch one undone. Since that time we have or should I say the children and I, have moved into the home my husband built, added a new baby, had a child diagnosed with Asperger's, had serious child training issues etc. I have been depressed more than ever.One stitch at a time we slowly fall apart but I cant complain because while all this is being done my husband is out of state working his butt off so we can have all we need. He is amazing. AMAZING! He never complains about working or this and that. But he is now to the point where he HATES IT. Can you imagine for a minute trying to leave the house with a wife and 6 kids crying for you to stay? With a 5 year wrapped around your legs begging you not to leave? How about a 4 year old at your feet asking and begging for all of us to go with? A 2 year old waving good bye because her WHOLE life this has been her normal? This will no longer happen to my family. In a few weeks my husband will be home. My kids will longer beg their daddy to stay. My kids can have all 3 meals with their mom AND daddy. I will have that much needed support at home. I will get a BREAK! SO we wont have a pay check coming during this time, but we aren't worried about it. God has us on this path and we fully take it. Theres huge reasons behind the 18 months of being apart, what it is we dont know. Maybe is the fact we realized how important family is. Maybe it was for the closeness my husband and the Lord have now. Maybe it was to see if my hair can change to ALL gray in 18 months. We dont know the reason why but we know God is good and He is leader of family. We follow. Tonight was I think my hardest night of saying goodbye. Im a basket case and so over whelmed with everything. Im so relieved that the next job out a state we all will be going. Makes it so much easier to handle.
What im thinking: Why a time change?
What im praying: For Carol who is 9 with cancer and on my mind. Her sweet brothers.My grandma who is 95 and having retaining water.
What im hearing: fish tank going and TV on.The noise from the hwy is loud tonight.
What we will do this week: Monday we have the bank,library and Hannahs day at the stables.Tuesday another day for Hannah at the stables. Wednesday Royal Rangers for Cody. Thursday dentist and chiropractor.Friday Dare to Share for Hannah and sleep over at grandmas for Cody.
Learning room: Im loving the curriculum change with Cody. No more text books and it feels so good. We are doing The Prairie Primer again but this time doing it in order and the whole thing. He loves it! The homeschooling expo is coming up and Im so excited.
What im reading: ?
Cooking: Tomorrow Ill be doing bread and English muffin bread. Homemade butter.
Changes around here: ALOT.

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Teaching Four Waitleys said...

I am SOOOOO glad to hear again that hubby is coming home. I know it is so needed for you all. Praying daily for endurance, strength, and courage to make it through the last few weeks of this. You can do it brunette Dolly!! :-)

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