Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This, that and the other.

Sorry its blurry but Jolene is beyond cute when Hannah dresses her.
School is under way :)
Again, Hannah dresses her!
Hannah at her happiest! The library.
Our baby whisperer Cody.
Time always flies and I never notice until I check my blog. We have been busy here on the Ownby homestead. Basketball season came to an end last Saturday with the last game making me sweat just watching. Cody did amazing and learned so much.We are looking forward to next season. Hannah is preparing for her piano recital. Always hearing her play is one of the joys I love about being home. Cody has also join Royal Rangers and I have to say that this is the neatest thing ever.Its christian boy scouting! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We have been working on his derby car for his race this coming weekend. I think Daddy is really looking forward to this. My little guys tried to Rangers but screamed and cried when I left so we decided we would try later in the year. The 3 boys will be doing karate this spring together. Something their dad says they need. Cody and Hannah did karate for a long while but we moved and added many kids since then. Jolene is my tomboy princess. Love that smile she gives. Boy does she love crafts and school.She is only 2 and screams for paper and marker to work. Shes such a lover. Chase was in the hospital a few weeks ago. We thought he had a nut shell stuck in his throat because he couldn't eat and he screamed and cried whenever he would try. It started when he was eating nuts so we put 2 and 2 together. I took him in the ER and they did an xray and it showed nothing. So we went on our merry way. The pain wouldn't go away and it was getting worse and worse. So we headed back to the children's ER and kept us over night. The next day they put my poor sweet little to sleep( which is the hardest thing for a parent to see). They scoped his GI track and found he has a big nasty ulcer on the top part of his tummy. The doctor said it was from a viral infection and it happened to cause an ulcer. So he is on percacid once a day for 6weeks to 4 months. He is doing much much better. The first few days after the hospital he didnt want to eat because he was afraid it would hurt. Once that med kicked in we cant get him to stop eating. Praise the Lord! My boy is eating and gaining his weight back. God is good. Laurabeth is playing with toys and talking to us. Laughing like crazy. I love it! Someone is always holding her which is delaying her rolling over and sitting up. Not really but thats what we say. She is everywhere. She is a whopping 17 pounds now. We grow them big! Ethan is a master at school. We get alot of melts downs from him but we roll with it. He loves writing and making playdduh things. He looks up to Cody like crazy.
As far as school we are plugging along expect for today. I had my tooth pulled this morning so the kids have the day off. Its totally beautiful outside but so stinkin windy its stupid to be out. We had massive storms come though last night south of us and really did alot of damage. Of course my the worlds biggest baby when it comes to storms so I managed to work myself into a nightmare and that caused me to wake up sweating bullets and scared out of my mind. See what happens when the husband works away from the home! We will do a unit study on weather next talking about tornado's and storms. We are having a hard time some of our text books and im thinking we will sell them and jump right into My Fathers World year 2. We have the Homeschool Convention coming up and Ill buy it there. I cant wait for the convention!!
This house still doesnt feel like home to me. My mom bless her heart has been making me really neat paintings and things to help the homie feel but honestly this house just doesnt work for me. I love it dont get me wrong. My husband isnt here to make it complete. I always feel like im being watched and just uncomfortable all the time. Our lights are on 24/7. Even at night my house is usually lit like the 4th of July. The husband is ready to rip out the hardwood and lay carpet in the living room. He is going to redo the kitchen floor. We have light hardwood all over the house and with this many kids ans spills and water problems we have the hardwood in the kitchen is getting ruined fast. Yes my friends we have been here 1 year and already redoing alot! He just replaced the gate we had at the top of the stairs because my hulk of a son ripped it off the wall! Now we have a huge metal gate that im sure they will break. We also broke the under leg on my 10 man table! Mom you need to come fix that ok? I just got off the phone with my sister and my mouth is bleeding again so I must go. Blessings.

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Teaching Four Waitleys said...

Hubby being home definitely makes it feel like a home. I pray daily that God will give Jeff a job at home as that is God's plan for families, to be together! Hang in there girl. To everything there is a season and God can bring this season to an end. Love ya!!

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