Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Ramblings

My goal for this new year was to keep my blog updated twice a week, ummmm I'm slacking! We have been dealing with a nasty nasty cold and now it has spend to Hannah, Cody and ME! Laurabeth is having no luck what so ever with this. She has a second ear infection in a month and the cold is just hanging on to her. I took her to the Urgent care yesterday after noon after we spent the day at the Magic House. Her lungs are clear but  she has so much fluid draining she is just coughing so hard. She falls alseep faster than ever and in weird spots. Ill be walking with her and all of a sudden she is out! Like that! She plays hard and then it comes back and she is out and coughing.Its back and forth all day. I wouldnt have taken her yesterday if Id known she was going to bad again. They gave her another round of antibiotics but I'm treating it with breast milk and lemon juice right now. Prayers this leaves my house soon please.
 On the school note we are doing bird watching and scripture writing. The bird watching has been so fun. We have 2 redheaded woodpeckers that comes every morning for their food and then we had the sweetest chickadee come eat all the time. The kids wouldn't even scare her. Well my dang cat decided she would make herself some lunch with that bird! Not something we liked to watch. We had our break and then even a longer break with the sickness. So much is changing here and as always God lead. We are laying out our plan the homestead come this spring and getting excited to plant some seeds! The kids cant wait. we moved my garden over by my daughters volleyball court were there is more sand and more sun and I can keep on eye on the wildlife. I learned last year that living a cornfield and prairies deer and turkeys like to eat my stuff EVERY NIGHT! So things moved and we will be putting a fence around it. I'm thinking of doing raised beds this year.Just a thought though. The ground over there is so nice but I do want to keep it kind medium sized as I don't want to be overwhelmed. Last year I had a little baby and a toddler and this I have no baby:(( So I know we can keep up much better.If the Lord blesses us with one I'm sure I will keep up if its a smaller size. My sister and mom are doing gardens and e plan on doing canning days and giving each other the cans of what we have. That way we all have plenty and different things for the fall winter. I'm getting another flock of chickens this springs and pretty darn excited about that. I gave my flock to my sister as mine were getting on the porch and pooing and my husband was going to shoot them. So off they went and now we have build another fence for the coop. I kept my ducks because they are my favorite of all. My dang dog killed my momma duck a few months right after she laid herself a bunch of eggs and was nesting. Bella has been causing more problems than helping here. So she is looking for a new family with no livestock. She is awesome for hiking and playing but she has alot of hound in her and my birds seem to be on her list of things that are so good to eat!
 The kiddos are doing good. Chase and Hannah are doing amazing at their piano lessons. Violin is next and we plan to have them do bluegrass. Laurabeth is now climbing and being a toddler with her sister now. So sad how fast they grow. She still isn't talking but Ethan was a really late talker so I know she has alot to sat just waiting fot the moment when I'm not watching. Jolene has turned into a little momma and loves helping right along in the kitchen. She pulls up a chair and is my helper for every mel it seems. She does like to have thing her way so I do spend alot of my correcting her that this momma is the RIGHT one not her! Chase is still my little guy. Loves to snuggle and have his binkie. Yes I said his binkie. Only at night though. He will be  5 in less than 2 weeks, my goodness. Ethan is turning into such a great little man. Loves books and coloring and singing us opera. That boy has a voice like no other. He loves putting on puppet plays with his siblings. Cody is my outdoors men. He got a new shotgun for Christmas that is his pride and joy. He also got another go cart so this child is doing everything right so he can "play" outside. Hannah is still my right hand man. She is amazing. School is always easy for her. She still volunteers at Exceptional Equestrians and takes piano. She also babysits for people. She is my crafty child who doesn't get any of that from me. The husband has working around the house trying to avoid the wife as much as possible because I have a list a mile long for him. I'm good like that :)
 Id like to write about all the changes here on the Ownby Homestead but I think that will be another post. Dinner is going and my right hand man is holding my sick baby while she let me blog. Good girl she is.
 PS id love to post pics but again blogger is being MEAN!

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